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The greatest threat to the survival of Mankind is Ignorance, Superstition, Greed, Envy and Fury. We need to ... Renovate the World!

4000 years ago, mankind was enslaved by superstition. The powers-that-are, priestly or temporal, were dedicated to exploiting and manipulating the people. The many idol-gods were capricious and their favors were for sale through offerings and sacrifices.
Zarathushtra teaching: Preserve our World!At that time a man, by the name of Zarathushtra, arose whith an eternal and divine message. He taught a Perception that the Cosmos and its maker were good and benevolent and in his language (old-Avestan), he called that Perception or Vision "Daena Vanguhi".
He expounded his doctrine in marvelous Hymns, called Gathas, and bequeathed to Mankind the True Message of Life, the "Manthra", a Thought Provoking Message, inspired by the very communication of God, indeed of a Good and benevolent Mind.
Through this manthra we learn that there is no final salvation until we are all saved from deceit and have renounced all wrongful thoughts, words and deeds. That we are all bound together in a complex web of causation and that our choices affect all creation, which means that we can only be saved through delivering deceit and wrongfulness, to truth and righteousness
This message transformed his audience and for several centuries changed the world. Even after succumbing to others, the power of this man's ideas was such that it spurred many a man on to greatness and indeed is still spurring them on, even though these men might not even know Zarathushtra by his name.
Today the world is again at the mercy of the manipulators, the exploiters, the god-traders, who bind man in a yoke of ignorance, superstition, greed, envy and fury. Like in Zarathushra's time, these wrongful dregs have banded together to destroy the life of the weak and indeed, to spoil and plunder the very planet that is our home.
But, like yesterday, Zarathushtra's message is again there to break all yokes, to expose all the destroyers, manipulators and god-traders and is still with us in all its power, working today just as well as it did 4000 years ago.
This message can make the world wonderful. It can heal and refresh it. In short, it is the message of Renovation, of freedom, wisdom and righteousness. A message that promises alliance with the Creator, to defeat and destroy wrong and replace it with right. It is the Religion of the "Saoshyants", of the Benefactors.
Yesterday, the world called for deliverance and it does so now! Mazda Ahura (= God ) and Zarathushtra are looking for men and women who are convinced that, as long as there is wrong, there will be abuse, misery and suffering. Men and women who are convinced that wrong must be defeated and that Asha (= The Correct Order) is the way to defeat it. Mazda Ahura and Zarathushtra are looking for Saoshyants (Benefactors), to heal the world!
Do you want to heal the world, do you have what it takes to be a Saoshyant? Are you convinced and committed? Are you willing to put your good thoughts and words into Good Actions? Then the choice is clear, the choice to live a life in dedication to the vision of a world governed by righteousness, truth and benevolent thinking, which is the essence of the Manthran's divine message.

If you have chosen to be a Saoshyant, you must now reinforce that choice, by making the same commitment the Manthran made. He said:

Now as a dedication, I, Zarathushtra
offer to the Wise One
the very life-breath of myself
and the first fruits of my good mind,
deeds and words, gained through righteousness,
with my ear to the divine voice; in fact, my whole strength.

(Gathas: Song 6 - stanza 14)

If you have this same commitment and dedication, you will be, indeed, a Zarathushtrian by the power of your deeds.