Zoroastrian Wodenism Back

Zorowodenism is a path to wisdom which recognises Woden as a being or power which is the cause of wisdom, and Zoroaster as the single most important example of a man who has received the fruits of Woden and become wise.

Zorowodenists are interested in the pagan tradition of the ancient northern europeans often called Heathenry in the modern day, and the Persian tradition of Zoroastrianism. They consider this latter tradition as a syncretic blend of ancient Iranian paganism and Zoroastrian teaching. They see strong parallels between the pagan culture of the ancient Iranians and the ancient Germans deriving both from the common origins of these two cultures and later contact between the two. They see a parallel between the figure of Woden and Zoroaster both of whom are known as bringers of the runes or the secrets of existence.

Zorowodenists have an essentially pagan world-view that sees the world as moved by large numbers of beings of different natures who are not usually all good or bad in their effect. They desire to understand these beings and to interact beneficially with them with a view to creating Good Order in the world. They wish to see life flourish and value the health and strength of themselves as individuals, small communities and larger communities.

Zorowodenists recognise the importance of Zoroaster as the first individual known to us who tried to make sense of the beings or dynamics at work in the world in a systematic and abstract way really getting to the heart of what is important.