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Can some one be Sedreh Poosh by some one who is not a Priest himself?
In the happiness of Ahoora Mazda
Dear HamDins and all, yes it is true that these days there are many people who want to become Sedreh Poosh to the Mazda Yasna Din in order to become a fully Zoroastrian but it is hard fore them to find a priest in their area of living who can do that.
The Atashkadeh (Zoroastrian authorities) of Iran have decided that these people who can not find a priest in their area’s of living , they should be Sedreh Poosh by a Zoroastrian who is not a priest but at list has these primary qualities:
Firstly some on who has been Sedreh Poosh himself before by a priest (Hirbad, Moobed).
Secondly he _the person who is going to do the Sedreh Pooshi_ must be the most educated Zoroastrian in that area fore example he should know: how to wear the Sedreh and the Koshti, how to say the 5 times prayers (Niayesh 5 Gah) and knows some basics rules of the Good Religion such as the important of the holy fire fore Zoroastrianism and etc.
Thirdly he had to be a Zoroastrian at list fore one year and has wear his Sedreh and his Koshti at list fore one year so he can be classified as a Behdin.
Finally between the Behdins he should be classified as some one whom always has Good Thought, Good Word and Good Did.
Yes one can be Sedreh Poosh by a Behdin who is not a priest but has the above Said qualities until he can find a priest in order to be Sedreh Poosh fully.

Written by
Moobed (Dastur) Azargoshasp
Behalf of the high Moobeds (Dasturs) of