Back Chapter 1 - Yasna 28

Verse 1

Verse 2

"I who shall serve all of you, Wise Lord, with good thinking..." Y28.2.

“existences … of matter as well as of mind…” Y28.2.

Verse 3

"...thee, o truth, and good thinking and the Wise Lord and (those others) for whom piety increases their unharmable rule...."

Verse 4

“as long as I shall be able and be strong, so long shall I look in quest of truth .
Yasna 28.4

Verse 5

"Truth, shall I see thee, as I continue to acquire both good thinking and the way to the Lord?. . ." Y28.5 .

"...the most powerful Lord..."

Verse 6

Verse 7

"...And do Thou give, Wise Ruler,
that promise through which we may hear of your solicitude (for us)."

"…Give thou, o power to Vishtaspa and to me…" Y28.7

"Give, o truth, this reward, namely, the attainments of good thinking….." Y28.7

Verse 8

"Thee, Best One, the Lord who art of the same temperament with the best truth, do I lovingly entreat for
the best for Frashaoshtra...and for me...and (for those others)..
the best for a whole lifetime of good thinking."

Verse 9

Verse 10

"For I know that words deriving from good purpose and from love are not to be left wanting by you." (Y28.10).

Verse 11

"Thou who dost guard
truth and good thinking for eternity..."

" Thou, Wise Lord, instruct me... through the eloquence befitting Thy spirit... the things by means of which the foremost existence shall come about here." (Y28.11).