Back Chapter 2 - Yasna 29

Verse 1

"To all of you the soul of the lamented: 'For whom did ye shape me? Who fashioned me? (For) the cruelty of fury and violence, of bondage and might, holds me in captivity. I have no pastor other than you. Therefore appear to me with good pasturage". (Y29.1)

Verse 2

..might destroy the fury (caused) by the deceitful?" (Y29.2).

Verse 3

There is no help free of enmity for the ..." (Y29.3).

" whom I of ready ear shall come at his calls." (Y29.3)

Verse 4

" 'The Wise One is the first to heed his agreements...He is the decisive Lord. As He shall wish it, so shall it be for us.'' ' " (Y29.4).

Verse 5

"...'Is there to be no future for the man who lives honestly? No future for the man who breeds cattle among the deceitful?' " (Y29.5).

Verse 6

Verse 7

"The Wise Lord, who is of the same temperament with truth,..."

"...He is virtuous to the needy ..."

"...'Who has (been found) by thee, good thinking, who might give these things to the mortals below?' " (Y29.7).

Verse 8

"...He wishes, Wise One, to recite hymns of commemoration for us, and for truth, if he might receive for himself sweetness of speech." (Y29.8).

Verse 9

" caretaker is powerless, (merely) the voice of a man without might..." (Y29.9).

Verse 10

" 'Lord, grant...strength and the rule of truth and good thinking , by means of which one shall create peace and tranquility . I have indeed recognized the first possessor of this to be Thee, Wise One.' " (Y29.10).

Verse 11

" 'Where are truth and good thinking and where their rule? Yes, come ye now to me. .... Lord, (come) now to us down here in consequence of our gift for you.' " (Y29.11).