Back Chapter 3 - Yasna 30

Verse 1

Verse 2

"Listen with your ears to the best things. Reflect with a clear mind -- man by man for himself -- upon the two choices of decision, being aware to declare yourselves to Him before the great retribution." (Y30.2).

"Hear the best (truth) with your ears and decide by your pure mind. Let everybody judge for his own self and find out what he ought to do. Before the great trial let all wake up to this my counsel." (Y30.2, T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 3

"Yes, there are two fundamental spirits, twins which are renowned to be in conflict. In thought and in word, in action they are two: the good and the bad. And between these two, the beneficent have correctly chosen, not the maleficent." (Y30.3).

"Now in the beginning these twin mentalities revealed themselves in thought, word, and deed, as the better and the bad; and from these two the wise chose aright but not so the unwise." (Y30.3 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 4

"Furthermore, when these two spirits first came together, they created life and death, and how, at the end, the worst existence shall be for the deceitful but the best thinking for the truthful person." (Y30.4).

Verse 5

"Of these two spirits, the deceitful one chose to bring to realization the worst things. (But) the very virtuous spirit ... chose truth, and (so shall those) who shall satisfy the Wise Lord continuously with true actions." (Y30.5).

"Of these twin spirits he that is the false doth ever choose performing evil deeds, but righteousness doth choose the Holy One; He who would clothe himself in Light of Heaven, He who would satisfy Lord Ahura, Let him througn deeds of Truth choose Mazda's way." (Y30.5 I.J.S. Taraporewala translation).

Verse 6

"The gods did not at all choose correctly between these two, since the deceptive one approached them as they were deliberating. Since they chose the worst thought, they then rushed into fury, with which they have afflicted the world and mankind." (Y30.6).

Verse 7

"But to this world He came with the rule of good thinking and of truth, and (our) enduring gave body and breath (to it)..." (Y30.7).

"...He shall be here for the protection of these (faithful)..."

Verse 8

Verse 9

"Therefore may we be those who shall heal this world! Wise One and ye other lords , be present to me with support and with truth, so that one shall become convinced even where his understanding shall be false." (Y30.9).