Back Chapter 4 - Yasna 31

Verse 1

Verse 2

"Since the better path is not clearly seen by the soul for her choice because of evil attractions I have come to you all as the prophet ordained by Ahura Mazda to guide the people between these two mentalities, so that they, one and all, live in harmony and righteousness. (Y31.2 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 3

"....that commandment which is for Thy adherents -- speak, Wise One,... in order for us to know (all) that, by means of which I might convert all the living." (Y31.3).

"What Thou bestowest through (thy) spiritual Fire and the bliss (attainable) through Asha Thou hast promised to both parties, (and ) what the Law (is) for (those) rich in discernment, that unto us, O Mazda, declare for our own enlightenment, with words from Thine Own mouth, so that I may ever convert the living (into the Right Path). (Yasna 31.3. Taraporewala translation).

Verse 4

"When I... call upon truth,
the Wise One and the other lords
shall appear;
also reward and .. .
(And) through the very best thinking
I shall seek for myself
their rule of strength,
through whose growth we might
conquer deceit."

Verse 5

Verse 6

"...Such is the rule for the Wise One
that one shall increase it for Him
through good thinking."

Verse 7

"...Thou who, up to now indeed, hast been the same, Lord."

Verse 8

"...I realized Thee
to be (ever) young in mind
...the Father of good thinking,
the real Creator of truth, ..."

"...the Lord of existence in Thy actions."

Verse 9

"...Thine the fashioner of the , namely that spirit of great determination,..." (Y31.9).

"Thou gavest to all that live the choice of Paths --Whether to leave the Shepherd's sheltered side, Or else to turn aside from Shepherds False." (Y31.9 Taraporewala translation).

"Who giveth ear to and realizes Asha, (becomes) the soul-Healing Lord of Wisdom, O Ahura; (in the matter) of words regarding the true doctrine (he shall be) capable (and) eloquent of tongue; through Thy radiant Fire, O Mazda (their) destinies do Ye assign to both the parties."(Yasna 31.19. Taraporewala translation).

Verse 11

"Since, O Mazda, from the beginning you fashioned for us physical bodies, discerning souls, and directive intelligence through your own mind. Since you infused life breath into mortal bones, since you granted capacities to act and true doctrines to guide so that one could choose beliefs at will." (Y31.11 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 12

"…but in due course shall come to terms with one's spirit where there has been opposition." Y31.12.

"Therefore each lifts up his voice to proclaim his faith whether a liar or a truthful speaker, whether learned or unlearned according to his own heart and mind, but divine wisdom stands by to deliberate with the spirit of whoever is perplexed by doubt." (Y31.12 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 13
"...regarding with clarity of vision,
Thou dost look upon
all these things with truth."

Verses 14-16

Verse 17

"...Be for us, Wise Lord,
the revealer of good thinking."

"Which of the two paths does the follower of righteousness and the follower of falsehood choose as the better one? Let the enlightened one teach me who is willing to learn. Let not the ignorant lead men astray. O Ahura Mazda the revealer of the good... help us. (Y31.17 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 18

Verse 19

"...when the distribution in the good shall occur to both factions through Thy bright fire, Wise One." (Y31.19).

"This knowing world-healer has listened, he who has respected the truth, Lord, . . ." Y31.19.

Verse 20

"Whosoever is the follower of Truth, the light henceforth shall be his abode. The wicked for age long reside in darkness uttering words of woe. To such life they are condemned by their own selves through their own deeds. (Y31.20 T.R. Sethna translation).

"Who follows the Righteous (teacher), the Light shall henceforth (be) his abode; (but to long ages of darkness, to light obscure, to words of woe, the wicked to such life indeed, their own self (Daena) shall lead through their own deeds." (Yasna 31.20 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 21

"The Wise Lord ...shall give the permanence of good thinking's alliance
to him,
the one who is His ally
in spirit and actions."

"To those who are devoted to him in thought and deed, Ahura Mazda shall bestow self-realization and immortality with plenty of righteousness, moral courage and blessings of good thought." (Y31.21 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 22

"... the beneficent man ...
he serves truth during his rule,
with good word and good action.
Such a person shall be
Thy most welcome guest, Wise Lord."