Back Chapter 5 - Yasna 32

Verse 1

“At my insistence…the family, the community together with the clan, entreated for the grace of Him, the Wise Lord, (saying:) ‘Let us be Thy messengers, …..’ ” Y32.1.

Verse 2

". . .We have chosen your good and . . ." Y32.2.

"... He who is...the good companion
of sun-like truth..."

"...He who is allied
with good thinking..."

Verse 3

“But ye gods – as well as the one who worships you – all of you are the offspring stemming from evil thinking, deceit and disrespect. Hateful too are your actions, by reason of which ye have become renowned in this seventh part of the earth.” Y32.3

Verse 6

"Shameful are the many sins by which one attains fame,…..
(But) Thou knowest, Lord, (only) when there is uplifting of beings
with the very best thinking,
fame is to serve Thee and the truth, Wise One, under Thy rule."

Verse 9
"The one of evil doctrine...
He has ruined the intention of life
by his...teachings.
He has robbed the esteemed power
which really belongs to good thinking.
I lament these words of my spirit
(to Thee), Wise One, and to truth --
to all of you!"

"The False Teacher Mazda's word distorts and through his words distorts the scheme of life. He turns away from us our heritage -- the precious love that flows through Vohu Man." (Y32.9 I.J.S. Taraporewala translation).

Verse 11

“Those deceitful ones who appear in grandeur as lords and ladies, even they have ruined this life by stealing the property of the (true) inheritor…” Y32.11.

"Such persons, in these ways defile our lives dazzled by worldly grandeur they regard the wicked as the great ones of the Earth; They hinder all fulfillment here below. O Mazda, from the highest Truth of Life they turn aside the minds of righteous men." (Y32.11 I.J.S. Taraporewala).

Verse 12

"…the rich Karpan chose the rule of tyrants and deceit rather than truth." Y32.12;

"They through their teaching try their very best that men may leave the honest path of work. But Mazda sends them retribution just;
with chants alluring they mislead all life." (Y32.12 I.J.S. Taraporewala translation).

Verse 13

"Because of such (evil) rule,
the destroyers of this world viewed
their riches in the
House of Worst Thinking...."

Verse 14

“Even the Kavis have continually fixed their intentions on capturing and plundering the riches of this world, since they have begun to aid the deceitful one…..” Y32.14.

Verses 15&16

"...the House of Good Thinking.
...This is equal to the best..."

"...the Wondrous One..."