Back Chapter 6 - Yasna 33

Verse 1

"In full accord with law shall all men act,
The law that forms the basis of all life,
With strictest justice shall the Ratu judge,
Whether it be the true man or the false;
Against the false in him he shall with care
Weigh all the truth that with it has been misled."
(Yasna 33.1 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 2

"Therefore... who shall enlighten his guest in the good -- all these shall bring success to His desire and be in the approval of the Wise Lord." (Y33.2).

"…who shall bring about what is bad for the deceitful one either by word or by thought, or with his hands, …" Y33.2.

Verse 3

"The person who is very good to a truthful man, be he allied by family, or a member of his community, or allied by clan, Lord, or be he someone who continues to serve with zeal, such a person shall be on the pasture of truth and good thinking." (Y33.3).

Verse 4

"...the long-lived rule of good thinking and the paths, straight in accord with truth, wherein the Wise Lord dwells." (Y33.4)

Verse 6

"The priest who is just in harmony with truth is the offspring from the best spirit...." (Y33.6).

Verse 7

"Come hither to me, ye best ones... Thou, Wise One, together with truth and good thinking... Let bright gifts and reverence (for all of you) be manifest amid us." (Y33.7).

Verse 8

". . . Your enduring worshipful offering has been established to be immortality and completeness ." Y33.8.

"...worship of all of you, Wise Lord, ..." Y33.8.

Verse 10

"All those (beings) whose way of life is good for Thee –
those who have been, and those who are, and those who shall be –
give them a share in Thy approval, Wise One.
(And) grow Thyself, in breath and body, through the rule of good thinking and of truth."

Verse 11

"The Wise One who is the mightiest Lord, and , and truth which prospers the creatures, and good thinking, and (good) rule -- listen to me..." (Y33.11).

Verse 12

Rise up to me Lord.
Along with Thy most virtuous spirit, Wise One,
receive force through (our) , strength through (every) good requital, powerful might through truth,
protection through (our) good thinking."

Verse 13

"Lord of broad vision,
disclose to me for support
the safeguards of your rule..."