Back Chapter 7 - Yasna 34

Verse 1

"By whichever action, by whichever word, by whichever worship, Wise One, Thou didst receive for Thyself immortality, truth, ... completeness, let these very things be given by us to Thee, Lord, in the very greatest number." (Y34.1, Insler translation).

Verse 3

"Therefore, let us reverently give an offering
to Thee Lord, and to truth,
all of us creatures under Thy rule
whom one has nourished with good thinking….."

"… let salvation be granted to the beneficent<12> man…"Y34.3.

Verse 4

"Now, we wish Thy fire, Lord, which possesses strength through truth and which is the swiftest, forceful thing, to be of clear help to Thy supporter but of visible harm, with the powers in its hands, to Thy enemy, Wise One." (Y34.4)

"And for Thy Fire, O Ahura, mighty through Asha, do we yearn earnestly to be desired, possessing power, giving clear help to the Faithful constantly; but, O Mazda, as regards the Unfaithful (He) sees through the evil at the merest glance." (Yasna 34.4 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 5

"...We have said
that ye are above all others
be they fierce gods or mortals."

"Have ye the mastery, have ye the power, Wise One, for the act to protect your needy dependent -- as I indeed am -- with truth and with good thinking ? . . ."Y34.5

Verse 7

Wise One, where are those sincere ones who, through their possession of good thinking, make even immoral decrees and painful legacies disappear? I know of none other than you. Therefore protect us in accord with truth . Y34.7.

Verse 10

"By his action stemming from good thinking, the man of good determination has expressed his understanding and his virtuous ,..." Y34.10.

"...the creator and companion of truth,
and all those other forces
existing under Thy rule, Wise Lord."

Verse 11

“Yes, both completeness and immortality are for Thy sustenance. Together with the rule of good thinking allied with truth, (our) has increased these two enduring powers (for Thee).….” Y34.11.

Verse 13

“…the conceptions of those who shall save …” Y34.13.

Verse 15

"...the best words and actions,
namely, those allied with good thinking
and with truth..."

"...By your rule, Lord,
Thou shalt truly heal this world
in accord with our wish."