Back Chapter 8 - Yasna 43

Verse 1

"...I therefore wish
enduring strength to come,
in order to uphold the truth..."

". . . the Wise Lord who rules at will. . .Y43.1;

Verse 2

"Moreover, (I wish) for this person
the best of all things...
to be understanding all his days... understanding
through Thy most virtuous spirit,
Wise One, by reason of which Thou didst create the wondrous powers of good thinking allied with truth." (Y43.2).

Verse 4

"Yes, I shall (truly) realize Thee to be both brave and virtuous, Wise One, if Thou shalt help me (now) with the very hand with which Thou dost hold those rewards Thou shalt give, through the heat of Thy truth-strong fire, to the deceitful and to the truthful, and also if the force of good thinking shall come to me." (43.4).

"Thus, moreover, may I recognize Thee (as) Full of Power, O Mazda, and as Divine, when through that Power which (is) Thine, Thou dost fulfill (our) longings, when Thou bestowest rewards upon the Follower of Untruth as also upon the Righteous; through the inspiration of Thy Fire, mighty through Asha, the Strength of Vohu Mano shall then come to me." (43.4 , Taraporewala translation).

Verse 5

"..Thou didst determine actions as well as words to have their prizes, namely, bad for the bad, a good reward for the good…" Y43.5.

"the First One in the creation of the world" (Y43.5),

Verse 6

"...Thou, whom no one is able to deceive."

"...Thou, the Wise One,
hast come into the world with
Thy virtuous spirit
(and) with the rule of good thinking ,
through the actions of which the
creatures allied with truth do prosper..."

Verse 7

"Yes, I have already realized Thee
to be virtuous
when he
attended me with good thinking..."

Verse 8

"...the endeavors
of Him who rules at His wish."

Verse 9

"Yes, I have already realized Thee to be virtuous, Wise Lord, when he attended me with good thinking . To his question, "Whom dost thou wish to serve?" I then replied: "Thy fire. As long as I shall be able, I shall respect that truth is to have a gift of reverence." (43.9).

"(As) Divine indeed, O Mazda have I recognized Thee, O Ahura, when through (Vohu) Mano, Good entered within me; of him I asked, "Unto whom thou wishest (me) to pay (my) utmost worship?" Thenceforth unto Thy Fire the offering of (my) homage (I will pay) (and) I will esteem Asha above all, as long as I am able." (43.9 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 10

do thou reveal to me the truth which I continue to summon....'' "

Verse 11

"...(But) when I was first instructed by your words,
painful seemed to me my faith in men
to bring to realization
that which ye told me is the best (for them)."

Verse 13

"...Grant ye all to me that wish for long life, to which no one has dared you to accede..." (Y43.13).

Verse 14

"Yes, Wise One, (grant) to me
Thy proper support
which give
to his friend...."

"…Thy rule that is in accord with truth …" Y43.14;

Verse 16

"...this Zarathushtra chooses that very spirit of Thine which indeed is the most virtuous of all, Wise One." (Y43.16).

"...May truth be embodied and strong with breath..."

"…May there be aramaiti under the rule of Him who has the appearance of the sun…"Y43.16;

"...May He dispense through
His good thinking (each) reward
corresponding to one's actions."

"...May divine wisdom...bestow blessings for DEEDS inspired by good thoughts." (Y43.16 Sethna translation).