Back Chapter 9 - Yasna 44

Verse 1

"...Someone like Thee, Wise One, should declare to me, His friend,...
how friendly associations with truth
are to be established by us,
in order that it shall come to us
together with good thinking."

Verse 2

"...the loving man... For such a person, virtuous through truth, watching over the heritage for all, is a world-healer and Thy ally in spirit, Wise One." (Y44.2).

Verse 3

"...Which man...was the father of truth during the creation?..."

“…the course of the sun and of the stars? Through whom does the moon wax (now), wane later? These things indeed and others, I wish to know Wise One.” Y44.3.1

Verse 4

"...Which man, Wise One, is the creator of good thinking?"

Verse 5

"...Which craftsman created the luminous bodies and the dark spaces?..."

Verse 6

"...Through its actions, gives substance to the truth..."Y44.6.

Verse 7

"...By these (questions),...I am helping to discern Thee to be the creator of everything by reason of Thy virtuous spirit."

Verse 9

"This I ask Thee. Tell me truly, Lord. How shall I bring to life that vision of mine, which the master of a blessed dominion -- someone of great power like Thee, Wise Lord -- would decree by reason of his lofty rule, as he continues to dwell in his seat in alliance with truth and good thinking?" (Y44.9).

Verse 10

"This I ask Thee. Tell me truly, Lord. Have they truly seen that vision which is the best for those who exist, and which, in companionship with truth, would prosper my creatures already allied with truth through words and acts stemming from respect ?" (Y44.10)

"About your religion which is the best for all human beings..." (Y44.10 Sethna translation).

Verse 13

"...those who, being full of disobedience do not pursue truth's care and company,
nor delight in the counsel of good thinking..."

Verse 14

"...How might I deliver
deceit into the hands of truth,
in order to destroy it
in accord with...Thy teaching?"

Verse 16

“… As world-healer, promise us a judge , and let obedience to him come through good thinking, to him whomsoever Thou dost wish him to be, Wise One.” Y44.16.