Back Chapter 10 - Yasna 45

Verse 2

"Yes, I shall speak of the two fundamental spirits of existence, of which the virtuous one would have thus spoken to the evil one: 'Neither our thoughts nor teachings nor intentions, neither our preferences nor words, neither our (actions nor) conceptions nor our souls are in accord.' " (Y45.2).

"I would now speak of the two ultimate principles of human mentality. One of them, the holier one, spoke to the evil one as follows: 'Neither our thoughts nor our doctrines, nor wills nor beliefs, nor words, nor deeds, neither our conscience nor souls agree.' " (Y45.2 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 4

"I know the Wise One who created it to be the Father of effective good thinking. And His daughter is of good actions..." Y45.4.

Verse 5

"...The Wise One is Lord
through such actions
stemming from good spirit."

“…Those of you who shall give obedience and regard to this (Lord) of mine, they shall reach completeness …..” Y45:5.

"Then did I realize you as the Most Bountiful one, O Mazda Ahura, when I beheld you first at the birth of life. Since you have ordained that deeds and words shall bear fruit, evil comes to evil and good blessings to the good." (Y45.5 T.R. Sethna translation).

"Now I shall proclaim what the holiest one revealed to me which is best for the mortals to hear. He who gives reverence to his conscience shall attain self-realization and immortality through deeds of goods thoughts and grace of Ahura Mazda also." (Y45.5 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 6

"... Him who is beneficent
through His virtuous spirit
to those who exist."

"...May the Wise Lord listen,
in Whose glory I have taken counsel
with good thinking...."

"...the Greatest One of all..."

Verse 7

"...That the soul of the truthful person be powerful in immortality..."

"...Him, the One who offers solicitude...."

Verse 8

"...I have ... seen the Wise One...
to be Lord of the word and deed
stemming from good spirit..."

"… Yes, let us set down His glories in the House of Song." Y45.8; ".

Verse 9

"...Him who left to our will
(to choose between) the virtuous and the unvirtuous.
...the Lord, Wise in His rule..."

Verse 10

"...Him, the Lord who is famed to be
Wise in His soul.
Whatever one has promised to Him
with truth and good thinking is to be
completeness and immortality for Him
under His rule,
is to be
these two enduring powers for Him
in His house."

“I shall try to glorify Him for us with prayers of ….”Y45.10

Verse 11

"...The person who,in this very way, has opposed the guilty gods and mortals...
such a person, by reason of his virtuous conception,
is an ally, a brother, or a father (of Thee) Wise Lord..."