Back Chapter 11 - Yasna 46

Verse 1

To what land to flee?
Where shall I go to flee?
They exclude (me) from my family and from my clan.
The community with which I have associated
has not satisfied me...
How, then, shall I satisfy Thee, Wise Lord?"

Verse 2

“…Take notice of it, Lord, offering the support which a friend should grant to a friend. Let me see the power of good thinking allied with truth !” Y46.2.

Verse 3

"...I choose (only) Thy teachings..."

“…The intentions of those who shall save are in accord with Thy mature teachings!…..” Y46.3.

Verse 7

"Whom hast Thou appointed
as guardian for me, Wise One,
if the deceitful one shall dare to harm me?
Whom other than
Thy fire and Thy (good) thinking, through whose actions one has nourished the truth, Lord?..."

"Whom, O Mazda, hast Thou appointed Protector over one like me, when the follower of Untruth sets himself against me with violence, (whom) other than Thy Fire and (Thy Vohu) Mano? Through the working of these two (Thy) Eternal Law is fulfilled, O Ahura; this sacred lore do Thou declare to me for (my) Inner Self." (46.7 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 9

"...The most Mighty One,
the truthful Lord,
virtuous in His action..."

Verse 10

"Wise Lord, whoever -- be it man or woman -- would ... ...the best for existence, namely, the truth for the truth and the rule of good thinking,...with all these I shall cross over the Bridge of the Judge." (Y46.10).

Verse 11

" During their regimes, the Karpans and the Kavis yoked (us) with evil actions in order to destroy the world and mankind. But their own soul and their own conception did vex them when they reached the Bridge of the Judge, . . ."Y46.11.

Verse 12

". . . Friyana, the Turanian, the one who prospered his creatures with the zeal of , . . ." Y46.12

Verse 14

"...With words stemming from
good thinking
I shall call upon those

whom Thou, Wise Lord, hast assembled in Thy abode."

Verse 15

"...where sovereignty is in the power of good thinking..." (Y46.15).

Verse 16

"Frashaoshtra Haugva, come thou hither... Hither, where service is in harmony with truth, where sovereignty is in the power of good thinking, where the Wise Lord dwells in maturity." (Y46.16).

Verse 17

"...the Wise Lord who, together with His clever advisor, truth,
has judged the just and the unjust."

"...I shall declare to you in Verse...
the glories of Him
who offers solicitude (to us)..."

"O Wise Jamaspa Hvogva, I have taught
That action, not inaction, higher stands.
Obeying then His will, worship through deeds;
The Great Lord and Guardian of the Worlds,
Through His Eternal Law discriminates
Who are truly wise and who unwise."
(Yasna 46.17, Taraporewala translation).

Verse 18

". . .But evils to the person who would deliver us to evil! -- thus satisfying your wish with truth , Wise One. . ."Y46.18.