Back Chapter 12 - Yasna 47

Verse 1

"Through a virtuous spirit
and the (very) best thinking,
through both (the) action and the word
befitting truth,
they shall grant
completeness and immortality to Him.
The Wise One in rule
is Lord through service ."

Verse 2

"Through the most holy mentality (Spenta Mainyu) the best life will be for one who with his tongue speaks in accord with good thoughts and with his hands performs the tasks of divine wisdom inspired by the one idea that Ahura Mazda alone is father (upholder) of righteousness." (Y47.2 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 3

"Thou art the virtuous Father of this spirit, the spirit who fashioned the joy-bringing cow for this world..." (Y47.3).

Verse 4

"Wise One, the deceitful are not able to deflect those who are properly truthful from this virtuous spirit ..…a man…shall be loving to the truthful person and bad to the deceitful one." Y47.4.

"If a man be rich or poor, he should be a friend to the truthful person but an enemy to the follower of deceit and lies." (Y47.4).

Verse 5

"And through thy Holy Spirit Mazda Lord,
The righteous gaineth all that is the Best;
The false one will remain far from Thy Love;
From Evil Mind do all his acts proceed,
His evil deeds darken and cloud his soul." (Y47.5, I.J.S. Taraporewala translation).

"And those (things) through (Thy) Holy Spirit, O Mazda Ahura, hast Thou promised to the Righteous, even all those (things) that (are) the Best; the follower of Untruth shall partake of (his) reward (removed) from Thy Love, absorbed by his own actions inspired by the Evil Mind." (47.5 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 6

"Wise Lord, together with this virtuous spirit Thou shalt give the distribution in the good to both factions through Thy fire, by reason of the solidarity of and truth. For it shall convert the many who are seeking." (Y47.6)

"These (things), O Mazda Ahura, dost Thou grant through (Thy) Holy Spirit, through (Thy) Fire shall be determined the destiny of the two parties; through the advancement of Aramaiti and Asha, She Herself shall draw (into her fold) many Seekers." (47.6 Taraporewala translation).