Back Chapter 13 - Yasna 48

Verse 1

"If, during the times after this (present) one which is under the workings of evil, one shall defeat deceit by truth , …then one shall increase Thy glory, Lord… during those times of salvation."

Verse 3

"...the Lord, beneficent through truth, virtuous and knowing..."

Verse 5

"Let those of good rule rule over us -- not those of evil rule -- with actions stemming from good understanding, and with ." (Y 48.5).

Verse 6

"For she shall bring peace to us, she shall grant to us the enduring and esteemed strength of good thinking. And the Wise One shall increase the plants for her through truth..." (Y48.6)

Verse 7

“Let fury be stopped. Cut away cruelty, ye who wish to attract the attention of good thinking, along with (that of) truth…” Y48.7.

Verse 8

"...What (reward) of Thine is to be sent by an incentive for actions stemming from good spirit?" (Y48.8).

Verse 10

"When, Wise One, shall men desist from murdering? When shall they fear the folly of that intoxicating drink through the effects of which the Karpans as well as the evil rulers of the lands torture our (good) intentions in an evil way?" (Y48.10)

Verse 11

"When, Wise One, shall come
along with truth,
bringing peace and pasturage
throughout the dominion?
Which men
shall stop the cruelty (caused) by the
violent deceitful persons?
To which man
shall come the understanding
stemming from good thinking?"

Verse 12

"Yes, those men shall be
the saviors of the lands, namely,
those who shall follow
their knowledge of Thy teaching
with actions
in harmony with good thinking
and with truth, Wise One.
These indeed have been fated to be the expellers of fury."

"Such are, indeed, the Saviours of the Earth.
They follow Duty's call, the call of Love;
Mazda, they listen unto Vohu Mana;
They do what Asha bids, and Thy commands;
Surely, they are the Vanquishers of Hate."
(Yasna 48.12, Taraporewala translation).