Back Chapter 14 - Yasna 49

Verse 1

"Yes, throughout my lifetime
I have been condemned as the greatest defiler,
I who try to satisfy
the poorly protected creatures with truth, Wise One....
come to me and give support to me.
Through good thinking
find a means of destruction of this."

Verse 2

"Yes, the deceitful ... resembles the defiler, as he deflects (others) from the truth by himself. Neither has he supported virtuous ..., nor has he taken counsel with good thinking." (Y49.2).

Verse 3

"However, it has been fated<3> for this world, Wise One, that the truth is to be saved for its (good) preference, that deceit is to be destroyed for its (false) profession. . ."Y49.3.

"And indeed Mazda has laid down a choice for all, the teaching that righteousness shall prevail and falsehood shall be frustrated. I would therefore ask for union with good thoughts and renounce all association with the followers of falsehood." (Y49.3 T.R. Sethna translation).

Verse 4

"Those who, with ill will, have increased fury and cruelty…whose evil effects one has not yet defeated with good effects…" Y49.4.

Verse 5

"...the one who has allied his conception with good thinking.
Any such person of piety is of the (same) good lineage
with truth and all those (other forces) existing under Thy rule, Lord."

Verse 7

"Let a person listen ... with good thinking, Wise One. Let him listen with truth..." (Y49.7).

Verse 8

“…We shall be Thy envoys forever.” Y49.8.

Verse 10

"...Thou dost guard in Thy house
this good thinking,
and the souls of the truthful ones..."

Verse 11

"But the deceitful persons, bad in rule, bad in actions and words, bad in conceptions and thoughts, them shall their souls continue to encounter with foul food when they shall be the true guests in the House of Deceit." Y49.11.

Verse 12

" What help by truth hast Thou for Zarathushtra who calls? What help by good thinking hast Thou for me, . . ." Y49.12.