Back Chapter 15 - Yasna 50

Verse 1

"...Who has been found to be the protector of my cattle
Who of me? Who other than truth
and Thee, Wise Lord, and best thinking..."

Verse 3

"...she shall belong to that person who would strengthen with the power of such a reward, his nearest fellow creature, whom the deceitful one shall (otherwise) appropriate." (Y50.3)

Verse 4

"Yes, praising, I shall always worship
all of you, Wise Lord,
with truth and the very best thinking
and with their rule
through which one shall stand
on the path of (good) power.
I shall always obey (you) the truly sincere ones existing in the House of Song."

Verse 5

"Lord, let wisdom come in the company of truth across the earth! ..." (Y50.5)

Verse 6

"...May the Creator instruct through good thinking (the course) of my direction, in order to be the charioteer of my will and my tongue." (Y50.6).

Verse 8

""With hands outstretched, Wise One, I shall serve all of you...with truth and with the reverence (worthy) of a sincere person. . You, moreover, with the skillfulness of good thinking. Praising, I shall encounter you with such worship, Wise One, and with actions stemming from good thinking allied with truth..." Y50.8-9.

Verse 9

"...When I could rule at will over my reward, then I would,
exercising such power,
be in the stride of the blessed one."

Verse 10

"Yes, those things which Thou hast brought to realization, as well as those things which Thou hast reached by Thy actions . . ." (Y50.10)

Verse 11

"...Through good thinking the Creator of existence shall promote the true realization of what is most healing according to our wish." (Y50.11).

"Yes, I shall swear to be your praiser, Wise One , and I shall be it, as long as I shall have strength and be able, o truth ..."