Back Chapter 16 - Yasna 51

Verse 1

"That good rule must be chosen which ... in alliance with truth, ... encompass the best (for us) through its actions...(Y51.1).

"...This very rule shall I now bring to realization for us." (Y51.1).

"...The Highest shall be reached by DEEDS alone." (Y51.1, Taraporewala translation).

Verse 2

". . . Grant thou , your rule of good thinking for the glory of the Mighty One."Y51.2.

Verse 3

"...Thou art the Lord
by reason of Thy tongue (which is)
in harmony with truth
and by reason of Thy words
stemming from good thinking, of which
Thou, Wise One,
art the foremost revealer."

Verse 4

"Where shall there be
protection instead of injury?
Where shall mercy take place?
Where truth which attains glory?
Where ...virtuous ?
Where the very best thinking?
Where, Wise One,
through Thy rule?"

Verse 6

"The one who accepts what is better than good
Verse 7

"Thou, Wise One, who hast fashioned the cow ... by reason of Thy most virtuous spirit,..." (Y51.7).

“…grant Thou to me … completeness, …...” Y51.7.

Verse 8

"…I would do evil to the deceitful one (as) in accordance with the wish of Him who has upheld the truth…"Y51.8.

Verse 9

"The satisfaction which Thou shalt give to both factions through Thy pure fire and the molten iron, Wise One, is to be given as a sign among living beings, in order to destroy the deceitful and to save the truthful." .Yasna 51.9

"The reward which Thou bestowest on both parties through Thy blazing fire, O Mazda, through the Fiery Test (this) doth lead to (Thy) granting an indication for (our inner) Lives; that the Untruthful shall have frustration and the Truthful shall have blessings." (51.9 Taraporewala translation).

Verse 13

". . . His soul shall vex him at the Bridge of the Judge surely, in that he has disappeared from the path of truth by reason of his own actions and (the words) of his tongue." Y51.13;

Verse 15

"What prize Zarathushtra ...
promised to his adherents --
into that House of Song
did the Wise Lord come as the first one.
This prize has been promised to you during the times of salvation
by reason of your good thinking
and truth.."

Verse 16

"...The Wise Lord is virtuous..."

Verse 18

"Glorious Jamaspa Haugva (has displayed) this understanding of His power: 'One chooses that rule of good thinking allied with truth in order to serve...' " (Y51.18).

Verse 19

"The satisfaction which Thou shalt give to both factions through Thy pure fire and the molten iron, Wise One. . ." Y51.9.

Verse 20

"...the Wise One
who offers support (to us)."

"...let that salvation of yours
be granted to us:
truth allied with good thinking!..."

"All ye (immortals) of the same temperament,..." (Y51.20).

Verse 21

"Virtuous is a man of piety . He is so by reason of his understanding, his words, his action, his conception ..." Y51.21.

"...Virtuous is truth and the rule of good thinking. "

Verse 22

"I know in whose worship there exists for me the best in accordance with truth . It is the Wise Lord as well as those who have existed and (still) exist . Them (all) shall I worship with their own names . And I shall serve them with love." (Y51.22).