Back Chapter 17 - Yasna 53

Verse 2

"...for worship indeed choose ACTS of piety..." (Y53.2, Sethna translation).

Verse 3

"Do persevere, for he shall grant to you the firm foundation of good thinking and the alliance of truth and wisdom. Come to terms with your reason, and bring to realization the most virtuous and blessed acts. If you are truthful to the truthful, the Wise Lord shall grant to you the sun-like gain of good thinking for your whole lifetime. I tell these words to you: bear them in mind. Through the correct conception acquire for yourselves and your people an existence of good thinking. Let each of you try to win the other with truth, for this shall be of good gain for each of you." (Y53.3-5).

Verse 4

"…..the sunlike gain of good thinking…..” Y53.4.

Unknown Yasna

"...the beneficent man...He serves truth during his rule, with good word and good action. Such a person shall be Thy most welcome guest, Wise Lord." (Y-unknown)