A Zoroastrian Educational Institute

Winter 2004




The Fire of  Sraosha:

The Power of Intuition in Decision Making


Sraosha means “Listening,” and stands for listening to the divine voice within us to guide us on the right path. It also means inspiration and communion with God. This divine enlightenment reveals many divine faculties, which lead us to understand the principles that form the cosmos as an orderly design.

Sraosha is intuition; it is a state of mind achieved in the company of Serenity, that establishes a channel of communication with the best part of our spirit and mind. In addition it gives us the opportunity to use our good mind to be able to consult  and “talk” to the Wise One. It is written in the Gathas (Jafarey, song 8.) “I would, therefore, set myself so that revelation comes to me in company of a splendid reward...”

It is easy to perceive when the Gathas reveal a “conversation” or special connection  between Zarathushtra and God Wise. It is explained in song 6.12 by Zarathushtra himself: “Lord Wise, rise within me, grant me courage through serenity...” and song 6.13 “...To support me, wide- watching Lord, reveal to me the force of your sovereignty, the blessings of good mind. Show me through progressive serenity, righteous conceptions” (for decision making).

By means of using the attributes of Sraosha, guidance from God can be received in order to make the right decisions to reach the right goals, and once again this affirmation is supported by Zarathushtra in song 6.5 “I shall listen to your inspiring voice, the greatest of all voices to reach my final goal...” and song 6.6 “...I am longing to have your vision and communion.”

At home, at work, in business and society, we have to face decision making constantly, and we worry about making the right decision because important people and money may be involved. There is a way, in these circumstances, to reach happiness in life; a way to obtain the adequate information and guidance to solve our problems. That way is through Sraosha. But it also means that we must listen to other people and even to nature itself, because the whole universe has something to say that can be used as good advice. For example, the environment of our planet clamors aloud for protection. Zarathushtra heard the voice of oppressed nature four thousand years ago, and that information was transmitted to humanity.

In their book titled “ The Corporate Mystic” Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Ludeman (1999)  mention that ” intuition is a natural gift, something to which everybody has access. It is a talent and something that can be perfected with practice. The main reason for the importance of intuition is that it constitutes a clear signal that we are connected with our internal spiritual system. It is a direct signal of our most profound identity which indicates that we are operating from our authentic  center. When intuition is operating, we can be sure that it happens because we have been feeding the connection with our soul in some way. When it is not operating,, it means that it is necessary to spend some time meditating.”

Intuition is listening carefully to the voice of our souls and hearts to get the right guidance that leads us to the right path toward perfection, excellence and success. This natural faculty can not be learned from a book. It is necessary to learn from experience and practice, every day. Moreover, there are ways to exercise and awaken this mental sense.

Good Mind and Serenity seem to be the main elements that provide the fuel to spark, develop, and maintain the “Fire of Sraosha”.  These two human virtues combine their properties to offer individuals a unique opportunity to establish a precise link to the Zarathushtrian spiritual domains of Realization and Eternity. They are tools for leaders, so that they may gain access to the world of truth and righteousness.

The power of intuition can be used in the field of management in several ways:

  • To choose the right people in personnel selection.

  • To start new projects in an organization.

  • To give the right guidance to other members of the organization.

  • To receive the right guidance from the right people.

  • To have the inspiration in order to cultivate our creativity and initiative at work.

  • To make, in general,  the right decisions at the right time.

A very good way to develop the faculty of Sraosha is to meditate in a serene atmosphere, a place where one can think  and contemplate one’s self, the environment and nature, looking for the realization of truth. During meditation, thoughts should focus on certain situations we want to understand, or problems to solve. It can be done facing a shining altar-fire, a lighted flame, a brilliant light. It helps to illuminate our mind to the point that we are encircled by illumination. It leads us to a mental state that enlightens us to attain communion with the Supreme Intelligence Being-Ahura Mazda.

I would like to finish this article the Zoroastrian way, with a little poem addressed to one of the greatest virtues granted to humanity by our Lord of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda:

A  Poem  For  Sraosha:

Respectfully  I invoke you Sraosha
Because with God I need to have a conversation
O Sraosha you allow me to meet with Asha
And you lead me to through a  path of revelation

You give me the lovely wonderful signs
Just asking me to appeal to my good mind
Which I should accompany with progressive serenity
And you assure it is the best way to achieve eternity

If I am looking for excellence
Sraosha, I need your presence
Because  I am looking  for radiant happiness
And You can help me reach it through righteousness

Sraosha! You are a divine principle for human kind
That in our life can only be used with good mind
It is you who lovingly provide the right advice
To protect me and keep me away from vice.

The Fire of Sraosha is a sacred connection
Which by means of silence, serenity and meditation
Give us the strength for the quest of righteousness
To teach the living world the path to eternal happiness.