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[TXT]Zoroaster Politician or Witch Doctor (lecture 3 of 3).htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 79K 
[TXT]Zoroaster Politician or Witch Doctor (lecture 2 of 3).htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 83K 
[TXT]Zoroaster Politician or Witch Doctor (lecture 1 of 3).htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 64K 
[TXT]The Zoroastrian Doctrine of the Freedom of the Will.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 83K 
[DIR]The Sect of the Persees/04-Apr-2018 14:49 -  
[DIR]The Oil Field and Fire Temp at Surakhany/04-Apr-2018 14:49 -  
[TXT]The Cypress of Kashmar and Zoroaster.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 57K 
[TXT]Our Own Religion in Ancient Persia.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 132K 
[TXT]Muhammadan References to the Magians, or Zoroastrians, and Free Will.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 51K 
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[TXT]Maneckji Limji Hatari in Iran.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 64K 
[TXT]History of Parsis, (Chapter 13) Zoroastrians in Persia.htm04-Apr-2018 14:49 82K 
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