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Love and Peace in Zarathushtra’s Voice

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The words in Zarathushtra’s message are filled with love and peace.  Zarathushtra teaches us to find truth and practice it through our words and actions. We are free to make our own choices in life, but the best way to exist for us is to follow the path of truth.

Once we understand the teachings of Zarathushtra, we will live in truth and happiness; but we must practice what he has taught us.

You grant happiness to both factions through your bright Fire, Wise one, as well as through the purifying test. This is the established principle of existence: Sufferings for the wrongful, and blessings for the righteous. 

Song 16.9

Man can choose to live his life in truth and happiness or in deceit and darkness as we are free to make our own mistakes in life. When we choose a life of evil deeds we suffer pain constantly, but if we spread love and happiness to others we are happy and perform good deeds. We are in a “house of song” and Ahura Mazda shall surely bless us for our good choices in life.

Wise God, singing praises, I shall always venerate You with righteousness, the best mind, and sovereignty so that the aspirant stands on the path and listens for the manifestations of revelation for the devotees in the House of Song.

Song 15.4

But we must have knowledge about the teachings of Zarathushtra in order to make the right choices that lead us to happiness and truth.

We Zarathustis have chosen Zarathushtra as our leader and teacher to guide us and to inspire us to live in peace and love with nature and all mankind.

In his message he advised us to think and use our good mind in order to travel on the right path in life.

The best shall come to the wise person who will propagate my true thought-provoking message. It leads to righteousness for wholeness and immortality. Thus the dominion of the Wise One will through the good mind, increase for him.

Song 4.6

Righteousness is the best medicine for us as it can make us happy and better people. But we must open our minds to hear the voice of Zarathushtra and fill the power of Mazda inside us. We shall never find ourselves unhappy if we have something to believe in, and we Zarathushtis believe in the love of Zarathushtra and his and our supreme God, Ahura Mazda. It is our duty to help Ahura Mazda spread love and peace.

We are born to live in freedom, but we must fight for our freedom. When we have overcome all evil deeds, we must defend ourselves so that the evil deeds do not triumph over the good ones. This is important for us to do, so that we can destroy all darkness in this world, and the light of Mazda shall bless us all now and forever.

When Zarathushtra walked around spreading his new message to the people, many ignored him, while some listened to him. But when they listened to him with an open mind, a light inside them began to “speak” to them, and they began to practice Good Words, Deeds and Thoughts, the ethical code for a Zarathushti. And now in this modern world, many people have chosen Zarathushtra as a leader and teacher for a life of happiness and truth. We must spread the teachings of Zarathushtra, so his voice never dies and that people will always learn the true meaning of his message.

Some of us are born Zarathushtis whilst others convert to Zoroastrianism after they have studied the religion and chosen Zarathushtra as their teacher. I am a Christian, but after reading about Buddhism and the Islamic religions, I have chosen to practice the teachings of Zarathushtra in Sweden.

 I am happier after I have read some of the songs from The Gathas. My question is, how can Zarathushtra make me happy now? When Zarathushtra lived so many years before me? When we read a song from The Gathas, our hearts and mind are filled with Ahura Mazda and Zarathushtra and that brings us true happiness.  Only when we are happy inside, we can spread love and peace to others.

We have already gone through two world wars and we hope there will not be a third. In today’s modern world, in many countries we have wars where many young people die and their families are left without money or food. If we work side by side and destroy all the weapons on earth, we shall live in freedom and happiness. Whether you are an Iranian or Swedish is not important. If I kill you, your blood is red and if you kill me my blood is also red as we all have the same colour inside us. We can cry and be happy; we can feel love and hate. A big difference between us and other animals is that we can change the world to be a better place to live in for all mankind and animals. Animals do not wish to feel pain and so a Zarathushti must also preserve wild life and nature. I think that is important for a Zarathushti to consider in life.

Practice Good Words, Deeds and Thoughts every day, twenty four hours a day and fill your heart with love and peace.

Now I shall speak to those who wish to hear of the two principles, which are of importance even to the wise. I shall also, with reverence for good mind and the good consideration of righteousness, have praises for the Lord, so that you may see brilliant happiness. 

Song 3.1 

Zoroastrianism is a small religion and I think that is good. However in Sweden, where I live, not many people have heard about Zoroastrianism and Zarathushtra. Why?

First of all, born Zoroastrians living in Sweden do not make any propaganda about Zoroastrianism and Zarathushtra.  After I have learnt about the Zoroastrian religion, I call myself a Zarathushti and I have found that being truthful and practicing truth has given me immense happiness. The teachings of Zarathushtra have filled me with love and peace.

And I think that the meaning of life is to find both happiness and truth inside you. For it is only when you have found happiness and truth within yourself, that you can spread it to others.

Righteousness is the best good. It is radiant happiness.
Radiant happiness comes to the person to whom righteousness is for the sake of the best righteousness alone.


This prayer is one of my favourite prayers and it gives me hope when I read it every day.  Righteousness fills us with happiness, love and peace and when we have these qualities within us we will have found a good life. We shall live in happiness and enjoy a long life on earth.

Zarathushtra and Mazda


O, Mazda you loving God, You make us happy to live on this earth. With your power you give us the will to make a better world.


O, Zarathushtra, you Good prophet, you teach us about Mazda, the one of all.

We pray to Mazda for a long and happy life on earth, to live in harmony side by side with all people.


O, Zarathushtra you teach us to be good

And we shall always do what you teach us to do; your teachings make us happy and give us in WORDS, DEEDS AND THOUGHTS, hope.


O, Zarathushtra you have given me this new life, and I shall never forget your good teaching. I shall always spread your love around me. Now and forever.


 I shall share all these lovely teachings so more can have some chance to learn from you.

Side by side I shall work with your good teachings, and I shall always love you.         

(My words)

We are created to live in love and peace and not in hate and war. We must teach this to those filled with hatred so they can begin to love and spread peace and a new world shall grow under us. Always remember to have love and peace in your mind. 

With the help of Zarathushtra’s good teachings we can find love and peace inside us and when we have found this, we should never lose it. In this modern world, many people do not have much food to eat and many children sleep on the streets. We must keep fighting and spread love and peace so that wars and misery no longer exist and all have food and a bed to sleep on. Don’t we all have the same right to eat before we go to bed?

In Zarathushtra’s voice we can find peace and love. Let us open our minds and hearts to hear his voice and begin to practice his words in our lives. We are all good people and we shall surely find a way to happiness and truth. 

After finding happiness and truth, and with the help of Mazda’s light inside us, we will be people of “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds”.