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In the Footsteps of our Forefathers [English Video]

Writer/Producer: Tenaz H. Dubash
Editor: Michael Smith
Camera Person: Shahriar Badi

Price: $20 + $4 for US S&H

Eastern and Western Harmony
Inspirational music  CD
By Soroush

Price: $11.99 plus s/h
The Fire Within:

Jamshid Soroush Soroushian Memorial Volume II

Order direct from publisher 1StBooks.com or Amazon.com
Gatha, Azargoshasb.jpg (7950 bytes)Gathas, The Holy Songs of Zarathushtra [Farsi/English Book] 

Author: Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb
Price: $15 + $4 (US s&h fee) 
Soroushian Shahnameh-Achaemenian.jpg (5521 bytes)Shahnameh - Hakhamaneshian [Farsi Book]
(Shahnameh and Achaemenians)
Author: Jamshid Soroush Soroushian

Price: $15 + $4 (US S&H fee)
History of Zoroastrianism [Book]
Author: Maneckji Nusravanji Dhalla

Price: $20 + $4 (US s&h fee)
Soroushian Cleansiness.jpg (11032 bytes)Aab Garmabeh va Pakizegi nazd-e Zatoshtian-e-Iran [Farsi Book]
(Water and Cleanliness for Zoroastrians of Iran)

Author: Jamshid Soroush Soroushian

Price: $8 + $4 (US s&h fee)  
Conflict and cooperation: Zoroastrian Subalterns and Muslim Elites in Medieval Iranian Society [Book]

Author: Jamsheed K Choksy
ISBN: 0-231-10685-8
Publisher: Columbia University Press, 1997
Order [using Amazon.com]

Mirza Soroush.jpg (8191 bytes)Memories of Mirza Soroush Lohrasb [Farsi Book]
Author: Jamshid Pishdadi

Price: N/C + $4 (US s&h fee)
Tarikh-e Zartoshtian-e Kerman, 
sadeh-e akhir
[Farsi Book] 
(History of Zoroastrians of Kerman, recent centuries)
Author: Jamshid Soroush Soroushian (Review)

Price: $15 + $4 (US S&H fee)
  Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia [Farsi CD]
Lyrics: Khodi Kaviani
Vocals: Nooshafarin & Khodi
Music: Sa'eed Shahram
A Production of Khodi Kaviani
Price: $15 + included (US S&H fee)
Gatha, Taraporewala.jpg (13760 bytes)The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra [Book]
Author: Dr. Irach J. S. Taraporewala

Price: $60 + $4 (US s&h fee)  
  Lalayee -- Seven True Stories, Proud Tradition of our Ancestors
[English and Farsi]

Author/Editor: Jamshid Pishdadi
Translated By: Rostam P. Darvish

Price: $7 + $4 (US s&h)