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Book and Video Review Index 

  1. A history of Zoroastrians of Kerman "Tarikh e Zartoshtian e Kerman"
    Varza, Jamshid


  2. A Year Amongst the Persians
    Damania, Dr. Ardeshir B.
    Born into affluence and sympathetic to the cause of the underprivileged people, the travelogues of this high-caliber British scholar of Near Eastern studies provides us with great insight into the plight of the Zarathushtrian minority of 19th century Iran caught in a desperate struggle for survival.

  3. ĀTA-E DORUN: The Fire Within
    Tarapore, Dr. Erach
    A reader's perspective on a memorial book featuring 44 articles on various topics of interest in Zoroastrian studies ranging from Gathic to philosophy, ethics, history, and linguistic aspects of world's monotheistic oldest religion. The book featuring articles by some of the leading scholars of Zoroastrian studies, provides a good gauge of the state of Zoroastrian studies at the entrance to the 3rd millennium C.E.

  4. Communicative Reason & Medieval Iranian Thought
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    Dr. Sakhai motivated by his desire to find a solution to the problem of human misery and suffering was led to Zarathushtrian studies and produced this well referenced book based on his Ph.D. research in Iranian studies at Columbia university. Very informative perspective is presented on comparison of Zarathushtra's thought with the tenets of the Abrahimic religions as well as the the theories of Marx, Weber and Habermas.

  5. Conflict and Cooperation
    Mehr, Professor Farhang
    In this excellent work, Dr. Jamsheed Choksy brings his remarkable range of scholarship to bear as he examines the doctrinal, theological, and ritual developments over time in relationship between Good, Evil and Gender. The context for the analysis done is the Zarathushti attribution of malevolence and benevolence to the feminine, the masculine, the female and the male. 

  6. Domains of Belief
    Peter Capac

    An in-depth and educational interview with one of the foremost scholars of Zarathushtra's Philosophy and Western Philosophies, Professor Kaikhosrov Dinshah Irani captured on tape expanding of matters of great philosophical interest to students of Zarathushtrianism.  

  7. Evil, Good, and Gender
    Gould, Professor Ketayun
    A thorough and fascinating review of historical evolution of Iranian society in post Islamic invasion and the dynamics of the forces at work.

  8. Ferdowsi: A Critical Biography
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    A great  nationalist and renown poet, the life story of this man of courage who did much to preserve and restore the national pride in Ancient Iran is covered in this well written book.

  9. Ganj Ali Khan
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    The book written by Bastani Parizi refers to an episode that many Kermani Zarathushtis have been told by their parents. The episode if had gone unchecked would have resulted in the massacre of all the Zarathushtis of Kerman at that time.

  10. In Search of Zarathushtra -- The First Prophet and the Ideas that changed the World
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    A journey through time to discover how Zarathushtra's contributions helped shape the evolution of human thought is covered in this well written and interesting book.

  11. Is The Vandidad a Zarathushtrian Scripture?
    Shahzadi, Mobed Rostam

    A review of evolution of Zarathushtrian priesthood, religious practices, and the adaptation of temporal laws as religious laws, and some of the causes of deviation from the original message of Zarathushtra is given. 

  12. Judaism in Persias Shadow
    Pocha, Jehangir
    The influence of Achaemenian secular state on evolution of the Judaic faith and nascent Christianity is the subject discussed in this book on 'Judaism in Persia's Shadow'. An informative review of the book is given in this article.  

  13. Lalayee "Lullabies": Seven Stories from the Proud Tradition of our Ancestors
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    An educator and a prolific writer, Mr. Jamshid Pishdadi captures stories based on the experiences of heroes and heroines of his community caught in the struggle for survival against incredible odds while at the same time holding firm to the core value system of their faith.


  14. Memoirs of Ardeshir Khz
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    Khaze's life, a Zartathushti boy growing up in village of Allahabad near Yazd, is one's grand mission to amoralities the conditions of his community. This book is a compilation of his life memories and experiences. It is a valuable source of information on daily life for Zarathushtians of Iran during the period covering late 19th and early twentieth centuries.

  15. Outline of Parsi History
    Mehta, Kayomarsh P.
    Dastur Mirzas book is an informative source of Parsi history from ancient Iranians' era to modern Zarathushtis of twentieth century India. This book emphasizes social and literary evolution in the Parsi community.

  16. Parvin the Daughter of Sassan
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    Set against the background of eminent fall of a major Iranian city to the invading Arab forces following the collapse of the Imperial Sassanian forces, the faith of a Zoroastrian family as they face the reality of the changing norms and value system about to be imposed on them is brought alive through this emotion filled play.

  17. Persia Past and Present
    Damania, Dr. Ardeshir B.

    Abraham V. W. Jackson, a professor of Indo-Iranian language at Columbia university at the turn of the 20th century undertook a trip to Iran and India to  meet the followers of the ancient religion of Zarathushtra, and to see first hand the plight of its followers in their ancestral land.  Through the painstaking details of his travelogue, a lot of valuable insight and information about the heroic struggle of the Zarathushtis for survival in the sea of Islamic hostility is captured in this valuable book.

  18. Persien, das Land und Seine Bewohner; Ethnograpische Schilderungen
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    Travelogues of a nineteenth century Austrian Physician who spent nine years in Iran, provides interesting perspective on some unique aspects of Zarathushtrian religion, and points out how demise of Zoroastrianism in Iran meant the fall of Iran from grace.

  19. The Story of Javid
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    This novel tells the story of a Zarathushti boy of early 20th century Iran pulled into a world of deceit and exploitation beyond his simple upbringing. His search for his missing father reveals a good deal of insight into the condition of his community.

  20. The Zoroastrian Houses of Yazd (Author: Mary Boyce)
    Antolak, Ryszard J.

    The article that was contributed to Vladimir Minorsky's memorial volume, reports on the design of a Zoroastrian home in villages of Yazd of the 19th century vintage, and describes the purpose each quarter served.  The reality of the economical hardship imposed on Zoroastrians bears out in their living conditions as alluded to in this paper. 

  21. Trois ans en Asie (Three years in Asia) 1855-1858
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin

    This relatively obscure French diplomat from an aristocratic background whose family fortune overturned with the onset of the French revolution writes his account of Iran and its people including the badly battered Zarathushti community, providing valuable information and insight about the conditions he finds in that ancient land.

  22. Who are the Parsis?
    Damania, Dr. Ardeshir B.

    The review of this book gives first-hand account of the plight and hardship of less than 8,000 Zarathushtis who had survived down the centuries in their ancestral land of Iran despite incredible odds. Those heroes were holding on to the teachings of Zarathushtra and would not give in to forced conversion into Islam even though doing so would have resulted in immediate relief from the horrendous tyrannical hardships imposed on their lives by the Fanatics.

  23. Zarathushtra
    Delavega, Ronald

    Jalaleddin Ashtiani has published several books on various aspects of Zarathushtrian religion and the culture of ancient Iran. His previous publications being mostly in Farsi, this English rendition of some of his findings in a book appropriately entitled 'Zarathushtra' provides valuable insights that Ashtiani has gained over a life time of studying the religion and culture of ancient Iran.  The reviewer provides some highlights of the book.

  24. Zarathushtra, Mazdayasna, and Governance
    Jahanian, Dr. Daryoush

    The form of government consistent with Zarathushtra's vision for humanity is a topic of discussion of this insightful book. 

  25. Zoroastrianism: Its Antiquity And Constant Vigor
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    This book being a collection of lectures given at Columbia University makes for a quick tutorial on the development of the Zarathushtrian traditions throughout the ages all the way to recent times.

  26. Zoroastrians of Iran: Conversion, Assimilation, or Persistence
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    The dynamics at work in shaping the evolution of the Zarathushtrian community of Iran in the 20th century is analyzed in this well researched book.