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Dr. Ali A. Jafarey



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(Zarathushtra in Ushtavaiti Gth -- Yasna 43:2)
atc ahmi vspanm vahishtem xvthry n hvthrem daidt thw ccthw spnisht mainy mazd d ash vanghush my manangh vsp ayr daregjytish urvdangh.

Moreover, may the best of blessings come to the person who gives blessings to others. O’Wise One, may his knowledge grow throughout the days of his long life of joy, through your most progressive mentality, the wondrous wisdom of Vohuman, which you created by means of righteousness

Vohumanah, the good mind is the source of all that is good and wise. It is divine faculty that, joined by other principles of life, makes one Godlike because Mazda, Super-Intellect, works only with vohumanah.

Vohuman, a soft-sounding word made up of seven soft vowels and Consonants! It is a compound word: vohu meaning "good" and manah "thinking, perception, mind, intellect, intelligence." The compound, Coined by Zarathushtra, means "good thinking, good mind." He mentions the term for approximately 130 times in his 241 compact stanzas of the Gathas. He uses manah alone for 22 times, the verb man (to think) for 20 times and again words derived from this root and a number of synonyms for some 80 times, a total of more than 260 times. That is sufficient to indicate the importance given by Zarathushtra to the "thinking faculty." Soft sonorous, the word serves for clear comprehension.

It was through his own good mind that Zarathushtra discovered, understood, and reached Mazda Ahura, the "Super-Intellect Being." Good mind leads to refined speech, which, in turn, turns into noble actions. Zarathushtra's doctrine rests on three pillars -- Hmata, Hkhta, Hvarshta - literally "well-thought thoughts, well-spoken words, and Well-done deeds," and freely "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds." Good mind helps one to discriminate between good and bad. It defines the sources of happiness and sorrow. In fact, it is the bliss some call "Heaven." Two other cognate abstracts are khratu, intellect, and chisti, comprehension, which enhance one's knowledge for better work.

Zarathushtra longs for union with Good Mind. He asks the best of Good Mind. He attunes his soul to it. He asks for power and strength. He realizes God through Good Mind and then approaches Mazda through the Faculty. He realizes God to be most progressive through Good Mind. God is the patron of Good Mind. God is the lord of speech with words of Good Mind. He realizes Righteousness through it. He bases all his action on Vohu Manah.

Acquisition of Vohuman leads to illumination. Profound teachings come through Vohuman. Good Mind provides blessings of rich life. Immortality and Perfection, final goal - long life in the dominion of Vohuman. God is powerful through Good Mind.

Divine help comes through Vohuman. One who consults Vohuman gets the Joy-bringing world, serene and peaceful settlement. World chooses the promoter of Good Mind - Zarathushtra -- as its righteous leader to Rehabilitate humanity in peace and prosperity. Religion is linked with Good Mind through devotion and invocation. One who teaches Zarathushra's doctrine through Vohuman is his companion. Zarathushtra's companion is the one who belongs to Vohuman and to the Zarathushtrian Fellowship - a fellowship based on families in which the founding couples of each family is steadfast in Good Mind.

This is what the Gathas repeatedly tell us about Vohu Manah with its fine faculties of alert attention, refine reflection, complete Comprehension, diligent discretion, excellent expression, accurate Action, and caring creation.

VOHUMAN is a nimble and noble name given to this Homepage. May this name illuminate us more to realize God, understand the Zarathushtrian Message, become an active member of the Fellowship, and Verily work to promote the Divine Creation! May our manah be vohu to make a very vohu world of Righteousness - ASHA!