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Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli obtained a Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of London, and was the director of research at the Wyeth-Ayerst Research Laboratories in Princeton, NJ until his retirement. He became an ordained Zoroastrian priest at age 14, and established the first Zoroastrian publication in North America "Gavashni" in 1974. This publication has since become the FEZANA journal. Dr. Bagli is an accomplished Zoroastrian scholar and researcher.

  1. Cherishing the Ecosystem -- Then and Now
  2. On the Fire of Aramaiti
  3. The Significance of Plant Life in Zarathushti Liturgy
  4. Twin Mainyus - The Gathic Doctrine
  5. Vohu Manah, The Precious Gift of Mazda
  6. Was Zarthushtra's original religion diverted?
  7. Zoroastrianism and Judaism- The Genesis of Comparative Beliefs of two Great Faiths
  8. Zarathushtra’s Vision- The Individual Making The Difference from Within and from Outside

  9. Zarathushtrian Commitment

  10. Zarathushtrian Perspective on the Spiritual Needs of the Senior Citizens