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Mr. Keki Bhote was born in Bombay, India in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century, where he recevied his early education.  He received his B. Sc. degree in Telecommunication engineering from the university of Madras, India, and his M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Engineering Sciences from Harvard University.  Upon completion of his studies, he joined Motorola as a development engineer, and rose through the ranks to become Group Director of Quality and Assurance for Motorola Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group before promotion to Senior Consultant for the entire corporation world-wide. Since his retirement from Motorola, Keki has been in private proactive providing Telecommunication consulting.

He is a seminar leader for the American Management Association, the Management Center of Europe and the Management Center for the Middle East.

Keki is a life-long student of Zoroastrian theology and history. He is the founder and trustee of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago, and the president and founder of the Zoroastrian Association of America.  He has authored several papers on Zoroastrianism and has lectured extensively on the subject.

Web Site: http://www.BhoteAssociates.com/

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