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Dasturji Dr. Framroze Bode was born in Surat, India on May 10, 1900, and received his schooling in India leading to an M.A. in Iranian Languages and Literature and a Gold Medal from Sir J.J. Madressah.  He received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1957.  Earlier, he was ordained as a Navar at the age of 17 years and Martab at 16.


Dastur Bode started as a teacher, then a principal, and then as the Dastur (High Priest) of the Petit Fasli Atash Kadeh in 1939, and served the temple for 14 years without any remuneration.  He married Homai Dinshaw Burjor-Behram in 1949 and since then had a true partner in all sphere of his good life. 


An eloquent speaker, and an outstanding scholar, Dasturji Bode was an active member of a number of religious, social and educational institutions, and was also a delegate to many international congresses.  He served as a lecturer and minister for several years at various educational and religious institutions in Southern California.


Dr. Bode authored several books and many articles during his productive life through the last days of his life in February 2, 1986. His personal library of over 1100 books, booklets was donated to the Kaikhosrow Shahrokh Library of the California Zoroastrian Center, in Southern California in 1983.


Dasturji Bode gained prominence as a daring community voice who stood for progressive reform towards true teachings of Asho Zarathushtra, and withstood insults, assaults, booings and boycotts.  He introduced many reforms and played a leading part in initiating religious and socially neglected but legally eligible Zarathushtrian parents into the Zarathushtrian community fold.  He also performed initiation ceremonies for those who desired to choose the Good Religion.  His great contributions have earned him a place in the same league as other stalwarts such as K.R. Cama and Dastur Dr. N.M. Dhalla, and Dinshah Irani.

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