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Nargis Daroga was born in Karachi in the second half of the 20th century. Most of her schooling was in a Catholic institution where strict discipline was enforced that communication, verbal or otherwise, had to be in English language only. Nargis finished high school at the Mama Parsi Girls' High School, one of the most reputable schools in Pakistan. She completed her universtiy education at St. Joseph's College for Women, also in Karachi.

Since Nargis had also been fond of music and during her school and college career, she took piano lessons and finished up to the grade of "Higher Local" with Trinity College of Music in London in piano forte. After her graduation, since teaching was her passion, Nargis joined Bai Virbaijee Soparivala Boy's High School, in one of the prime institutions of the Parsi community of Karachi as a teacher, completing seventeen very fulfilling and rewarding years of her life and having been elevated as the Head of its Primary Section in the last two years of her teaching career. In the late 70's, at the request of her father Nargis took charge of a segment of his business. Nargis' family are the pioneers of transporting loose cement in bulk to construction sites. Their steel cement containers were fabricated and mounted on hired trucks. At this job, Nargis was dealing with people having a completely new background and outlook, some rough and ill-shod and others turning mild-mannered when confronted with a female.

Having completed nearly ten years in this setup, Nargis wound it up after uncertain policies initiated by the successive governments left no room for further growth. Subsequently, Nargis was asked by two of her former pupils where she had been teaching, to help them with supplies of uniforms for schools and commercial set-ups. After completing five years in running this project, Nargis retired and has been a full time housewife since year 2000 to her life long husband. The couple is blessed with two sons and four lovely grandchildren. Their elder son resides in Houston, Texas, whilst their younger son lives in Toronto, Canada. Darogas' main priority in their life of retirement is to visit with their children and grandchildren.

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