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Pouran Eslami (Dec. 1951 - Sept. 2002) was born in Tehran, Iran, and undertook her undergraduate studies in Sociology at Tehran University.  She continued with her Masters Degree education in health sciences, and her Ph.D. studies in Sociology at University of California, Irvine. Dr. Eslami received numerous recognitions for her excellence in teaching and research. Her research work included studying the social conditions of indigenous people of North America, Middle East specifically Iran, and women. Her interest in Ancient Iranian studies came about as a result of her research on Native Americans that made her curious about what had happened to adherents of ancient Iranian religion in their homelands. Afterwards, Ancient Iranian studies became center stage of her conscious and her research.  With the help her husband, they studies ancient Iranian sites in her native province of Azerbaijan, and the role of women in Ancient Iran. 

She also conducted research on the significant role played by the diminished Zoroastrian minority in ushering in constitutional reform in their ancient homeland during the late 19th - early 20th century time frame. In early 2002, Dr. Eslami was diagnosed with rapidly growing cancer that took its toll on her life in less than six months.

  1. Azar Goshnasp: An ancient Zoroastrian city and temple