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Dr. Pallan R. Ichaporia has BA in Avesta/Pahlavi from Bombay University and attended Columbia University for Post Graduate Study in Iranian Languages under James Russell. He obtained doctorate in Business Administration from Oklahoma. He is currently CEO of Pharmaceutical Marketing Inc. He has been elected Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Gt. Britain and Ireland". Govt. of India Research Scholar'. His publications include, "The Gathas of Asho Zarathushtra" Co-authored with Helmut Humbach"The Heritage of Zarathushtra", and Zamyad Yasht-Text, Translation and Glossary". In addition he ha authored several articles published in peer reviewed scholarly journals. His forthcoming books are "Concise Modern History of the Parsis" and "The Concordance of the Gathas" to be published in Germany.

  1. Customs, Rules and correct manners in Shah-Nameh