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Sohrab Kavasji Hormuzdyar Katrak was born in 1892 and educated in Karachi, India in a leading Parsi Priestly family of Karachi.  His grand father had earned the title of “Khan Bhadur” from the British colonial government that administered the Indian Subcontinent.  King George V of England knighted his father Kawasji.   Sohrab Katrak who run his family business also served as mayor of Karachi, and advised  Ayub Khan during the presidency of the latter in the context of independent Pakistan.  In recognition for his services to Pakistan, the government of bestowed upon him their “SITARE-E KHIDMAT” civilian award of distinction.

The Katrak family were also active in philanthropy. The Katrak Parsi Colony of Karachi started by them was the forerunner of the current Parsi Colony of Karachi where most Parsi population of Pakistan reside.  In addition, a lecture hall and a street in Karachi being named after them bears witness to their dedication to improving the lots of all  people.  

Besides, his governmental and civilian active life, Sohrab Katrak was very interested in matters relating to his community and religion.  He authored three books two of which “Message Eternal” and “Who are the Parsis” contained information he had gathered on various aspects of his religion and heritage.    He was very much inspired by Dastur Dr. M.N. Dhalla of Karachi.   Mr. Katak died in 1972 in Karachi, Pakistan.   The review of his third book “Who Are the Parsis”, now out of print, is in celebration of his life of dedication and giving in accordance with Zarathushtra’s vision of service to humanity.