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Rustom Masani was born in Mumbai in 1876 and distinguished himself when he was elected as the first Indian national to become Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai (position formerly filled by British colonial administrators of India). Rustom Masani's career was remarkable for versatile ability and many sided activities; for academic qualifications and attainments, for high standing and distinctions in scholarship and literary output, unique success in the official positions filled, association with business and finance, pioneering efforts in several departments of social service and welfare work, and varied activities in several spheres of public usefulness.  In recognition of his life of service and model citizenry, Rustom Masani was knighted by the British crown overruling India.

Rustom Masani studied at Ephinstone college in India and at London University.  In view of his stature and leadership position in business and commerce, Rustom Masani was invited by the Iranian government to be part of the delegation of Parsis to travel to their ancestral land of Iran and to have an audience with Reza Shah Pahlavi. This trip took place in 1932.

  1. With Dinshah Irani in New Iran