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Dina G. McIntyre, is a Zoroastrian who was born in India and came to the United States to attend college.  She received a bachelor of science degree from Carnegie Mellon University (then Carnegie Institute of Technology), and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law. Dina has practiced law in the United States since 1964.  She has two sons who also are practicing lawyers.  Prior to her retirement she was a member of the bar of all federal and state courts in Pennsylvania, as well as the United States Supreme Court.  She has been a student of the teachings of Zarathushtra since the early 1980s, and was the Editor of a 12 lesson course on the Gathas called An Introduction to the Gathas of Zarathushtra, which she distributed world-wide in 1989-90.  She has lectured on the teachings of Zarathushtra at various conferences and seminars in the United States, Canada, England, India, Venezuela, and at the World Parliament of Religions in 1993.  Her writings on the teachings of Zarathushtra have appeared in various Zarathushti Journals and on the following websites:  www.vohuman.org  and  www.zarathushtra.com
  1. A Friendly Universe
  2. A Sky Full of Stars
  3. Buried Treasure
  4. Differences in the Spirit of Yenghe Hataam
  5. Does Sad Dar Reflect Zarathushtrian Thought?
  6. For Love of Wisdom
  7. Harmony in Paradox - Part I: The Paradox of the Material and the Spiritual
  8. Harmony in Paradox - Part II: The Paradox of the Individual and the Community
  9. Harmony in Paradox - Part III: The Paradox of Being Bad to the Bad
  10. Harmony in Paradox - Part IV: The Paradox of Service and Rule
  11. Harmony in Paradox - Part V: The Paradox of the Freedom to Choose and the Inevitable End
  12. How Do We Worship, How Do We Pray
  13. Leadership, The Common Man and Zarathushtra
  14. Mehrgan
  15. Of Means and Ends
  16. One Design
  17. Perspective on Yasna 46.11 of Zarathushtra’s Gathas
  18. Reflections on September 11, 2001
  19. Reflections on Y48.8, Reward, Power, Rule (and Terrorism!)
  20. Renewal
  21. Seven Gems from the Later Literature
  22. The Core and the Externals
  23. The Notion of Love in the Gathas
  24. The Talisman
  25. The Web of Immanence
  26. Three Prayers and the Name of God
  27. Zarathushtra’s Paradise, In this World and the Next
  28. Metaphor in the Gathas, Part 1: The Natural Metaphors
  29. Metaphor in the Gathas, Part 2: The "Houses" of Paradise and Hell
  30. Metaphor in the Gathas, Part 3: The Amesha Spenta as Allegories