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Kayomarsh P. Mehta was born in Navsari, India, in 1947, and grew up in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.  He received his undergraduate education in India, and his graduate education in Electrical Engineering in the US.  He has lived since coming to Illinois for graduate studies, and is a financial planner and broker by profession.

He is the current Chair of Education of FEZANA, and an active member of the Chicago Zarathushti community. Since the 1970ís, Kayomarsh has made contributions in leadership, religion education, and cultural and social aspects of the Zarathushti community in Chicago and around the world. He has supported and encouraged the Youth, worked towards strengthening the role of our Mobeds, and promoted awareness of the Zarathushti religion around the country. He has a soft corner for the elderly and those in need of assistance.  

Kayomarsh was the 2002 FEZANA Rohinton Rivetna Outstanding Zarathushti Award recipient, and has been presented with awards from ZAC (Zarathushtrian Association of Chicago) for his Community Service and Leadership during his presidency of ZAC, in addition to numerous awards for his religion education efforts. He was recognized by FEZANA for his contributions as the Chairperson of the Education Committee for FEZANA.  Kayomarsh was given a commendation by the North American Mobed Council for his service to the Mobeds.   It is Kayomarsh's goal is to establish and manage a Zarathushti Learning Center in North America similar to the Cama Oriental Institute in Mumbai.

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