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Shahrokh Minochere Mehta attended the B. V. S. Parsi High School in Karachi during the years 1945-56, and was a pupil of Behram S. H. J. Rustomji. Shahrokh participated in many of the extra curricular activities like scouting, school band, dramatics, and excelled in elocution competitions, competitive swimming, and table-tennis, with encouragement from Behli Rustomji. Almost half a century later, Shahrokh continues to excel in these activities by wining the 2002 Toastmaster’s, “International Speech Competition” (award wining speech - Axis of Evil); won a gold medal in Swimming Competition at the 2002 Empire State Senior Games, and is currently ranked 1005 nationally, by the US Table Tennis Association. Shahrokh is the President of Integrated Technologies, LLC, a Management Consulting Firm and lives with his wife Gool in Syracuse, New York. 

  1. Behram (Behli) Sohrab H. J. Rustomji

  2. Memories of a Parsi/Zarathushti Youth During the Early Years of Pakistan (1940-1965)

  3. Novruz In Iran - A Personal Reflection