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Virasp Mehta was born in Karachi  on January 6, 1925, where he undertook his studies through high school.  He self-taught himself and was involved in religious oriented activities in the Parsi Community. Virasp was associated with two major institutes promoting religious knowledge viz. 'The Young Men’s Zoroastrian Association' and 'Dastur Dr. Dhalla Memorial Institute'; and acted as honorary secretary of both bodies for 25 years. Virasp was also involved with the foundation of Informal Religious Meetings from its inception in 1975 and Managing Trustee of its Trust Fund. This position, Virasp has continued to hold to the date of this posting.  He has also acted as the editor of its journal “USHAO” including an email version.

Virasp pursued a career in business management in Karachi, Pakistan for 42 years until his retirement and move to the United States in 2001 to live with his son and family, first in Witcha, Kansas with subsequent move in 2005 to Phoenix, Arizona. 

  1. Karachi's Katrak Parsi Colony