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Respected as one of India's foremost experts on income taxation, Behram Ardeshir Palkhivala was born in 1926, schooled at Master's Tutorial High School (the same school as his brother Nani) and St. Xavier's College and Government Law College in Bombay. He is coauthor with his brother, Nani, of The Law and Practice of Income Tax, the authoritative text in India. He practiced income tax law and was tax consultant to some of the world's largest corporations, arguing before the Supreme Court, High courts and Tribunals on numerous occasions. In year 2003 and in retirement, Behram continues to rise at 3 am each morning and work all day! He lives in Bombay with his wife, Dhan (also a retired attorney), and family. He has three sons, all of whom are lawyers as well.

  1. Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala