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Armaity Suresh Patel was born on 21st June, 1941 (the longest day) on Roj Behram, Mah Dey, in a traditional Zarathushti family. She came into this world at Dr. Meherhomji’s Maternity Hospital at Tardeo, Mumbai.

As a kindergarten kid, Armaity studied in New Model School, then Lady Engineer School where my mother was a teacher of Montessori Class. Then went to Girton High School and still remember our principal Mrs. Ardeshir’s beautiful face! A fine, handsome lady whom my sister and I used to imitate at home by wearing high-heeled shoes of mother with chalk in hand (may be flicked from the school) and then writing on the balcony’s door, to be spanked by mother later!!! In 1949 she met with a car accident driven by Late actor, Al Nassir and his wife Veena.

In 1959 after school, Armaity met her life partner while playing badminton in a Club near the house.  On 22nd December, 1968 (shortest day) they were married after courting for 10 long years!  Her marriage was blessed by her grandmother (bapaiji) father’s mother!

As of the decade of 1990 Armaity, her husband, son and daughter have lived in Dubai, UAE where she is the principal at a new school.

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