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Kambiz Sakhai was born in Tehran Iran, in the decade of the 1970.  He received his elementary and secondary schooling in Tehran, and continued his studies in Sociology and Social research at the university of Rome, Italy.  He continued at New York’s Columbia university, receiving Ph.D. program in Iranian cultural history.

The areas in which Dr. Sakhai has conducted research include: Medieval Islamic and Zoroastrian Thought, Anti-Islamic trends of thought in Sufism, Sociology and Soviet legal thought during the twenties. The common theme of his work is the analysis of the revolutionary theory and practice, and emancipatory struggles of the poor and powerless people of the world over the centuries.

Dr. Sakhai is a professor at San Francisco's New College of California, in the School of Graduate Psychology.



  1. Moral Philosophy of Zarathushtra

  2. Suhrawardi, Hafiz and Zoroaster