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Mobed Rostam Shahzadi was born in Yazd, Iran, in 1912 in a devout Zarathushtrian priestly family, and studied in Yazd and Tehran.  His promise as a leader and a priest earned him sponsorship to study in Bombay India under the renown Gathic scholar Iradj Taraporewala.  Upon his return to Iran he worked his way up to become a well celebrated Mobedan-e-Mobed of Iran.  His services to his community noteable, and his scholarship of high caliber, he earned the respect of his nation by his acts of courage and boldness in the aftermath of the Islamic revolution of 1979, when he managed to save the colors of the national flag of Iran from falling victim of the revolutionary fervor that swept his nation.  Mobed Shahzadi died in April of 2000, leaving a legacy of great service and enlightment for others to follow.
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