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Jamshed R. Udvadia was born in Mumbai, India in the second  quarter of the 20th century, where he received his early education.  In the US where he emigrated to, he was a Computer Programming Supervisor before retiring from the Michigan Civil Service.  He has taught Zarathushti religious classes for children and adults of Michigan for a number of years.  As a member of the Lansing Storytellers he has told stories to general audiences for the last 10 years since 1995.  His stories from the Shah Nameh attracted full houses at the World Zarathushti Congress at Houston in December 2000.  He was later invited to perform at San Jose Dar-e-Mehr and again at the inauguration of the Houston Zarathushti library.  He has written several original short stories which he hopes to send for publication in the near future.

  1. Shah-Nameh A Teaching Tool

  2. Zarathushtis: Future Challenges