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Vohuman: A Zoroastrian Educational Institute

Our Vision...

We are dedicated to preserve and promote the Universal Message of Prophet Zarathushtra and the Zarathushti Heritage through education and distribution of information.

Vohuman.Org, currently in its fourth year of publication, started as a quarterly "Web Journal on Zoroastrian Heritage."  Our commitment has been to promote information on The Good Religion of Prophet Zarathushtra and The Zarathushtrian Heritage. 

We are hard at work to expand the role of Vohuman.Org into a "Zoroastrian Educational Institute."  Currently we offer courses and seminars in the Northern California and are in process of expanding our reach by Internet.  We do not believe Internet will replace valuable human interaction; but we firmly believe Internet provide a unique medium of information distribution. 

In Every Issue of the Journal, we present...

Several interesting Articles on Zarathushti religion, heritage and history subjects, The Prominent Zarathushti Series will feature the biography of a major Zarathushti figure, An article in Zarathushti Festival Series will elaborate on a major festival or ceremony, A thorough review of a book will be the focus of The Book Review Series.

Each issue will introduce our reader to a new Visual Theme Series of related subjects.

Our Invitation and Call for action...

Your Contributions and Feedback are the most important elements in improving our work; We count on it and look forward to it.

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Board of Advisors: