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Dr. Jose Luis Abreu was born in Venezuela in 1956 where he received his schooling.  He obtained his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Agriculture from Universities of Southwestern Louisiana and California State University, Fresno respectively.  Back in Venezuela Dr. Abreu completed an MBA and a Ph.D. in Management at Rafael Urdaneta and U.R.B.E. Universities.  His Ph.D. research was conducted in “The Ethical Dimensions of Management.”   Dr. Abreu has been attracted to Zarathushtrian religion and is the current director of Latin America Spenta University Foundation and a member of the California based Zarathushtrian Assembly in addition to his other professional activities. Jose Luis and his wife, America Noriega are actively raising their two children Andreina and Jose Luisito.   In August of 2000, Dr. Abreu  published a book entitled “The History of Ethics and Its Zarathushtrian Origins” in English and Spanish.
  1. Any friend of Zarathushtra is a friend of ours
  2. A Zarathushtrian Approach to Quality Management
  3. The Ethical Thought Proposed by Zarathushtra
  4. The Fire of Sraosha
  5. The Fire of Aramaiti in Business Management
  6. The Proposal of Zarathushtra- Beyond Religion and Philosophy
  7. The Venezuelan Experience with the Zarathushtrian Teachings
  8. Zarathushtrianism, Good Mind, Freedom of Choice