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Jamshid Pishdadi was born in Yazd, Iran in 1923, and developed a taste for Persian literature and history from an early age. He launched his career as an educator at age 18, first teaching at Zoroastrian schools in Yazd and vicinity and then moving on to Tehran.  He assumed the vice presidency of Tehran's Firoz Bahram Zoroastrian high-school for boys, a position he discharged with great distinction.  In 1981, in the wake of the Islamic revolution that beset his beloved mother land, Mr. Pishdadi and his wife Farangis left Iran for the United States to live close to their three daughters in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Mr. Pishdadi is a prolific writer, educator and Zoroastrian community activist.

  1. Lalayee - Seven Stories from the Proud Tradition of our Ancestors

  2. The Life and Work of Mirza Soroush Lohrasb