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Achaemenian Jewel Art

Visual Essays

Jamshid Varza

The Achaemenian dynasty founded by Cyrus the Great created the ancient Persian empire in a land mass stretching from borders of Greece to India. The ancient Persian empire is known to be the first empire consisting of multiple nations, also known as satrapies. The Achaemenian ruled their empire from 550BC to 330BC when Persia was conquered by Alexander of Macedonia.

Cyrus was known to be kind and gentle toward his subjects and their religious beliefs. The Old Testament refers to Cyrus as "the anointed one" who freed all the Jewish slaves after a bloodless campaign conquering Babylon to return to their homeland. Darius the Great is credited with building the vast administration and tax system of the Persian empire.

Throughout this vast multi nation empire art and trade flourished. Persepolis, the Achaemenian capital, is witness to the great degree of diversity in Achaemenian art. One rich source of Achaemenian art is the treasure found on the bank of river Oxus, also known as Oxus treasure.

This slide show is a short presentation of Achaemenian Jewel arts. Enjoy...<start>