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Jamshid Varza is a member of Zarathushti community of the Northern California, living in Palo Alto with his wife and two children. Jamshid devotes his time toward preparation of www.Vohuman.Org web site and teaching the Zarathushti youth at Sunday classes in Palo Alto, California.

  1. A Discovery of Two Foreign Sects: The Sect of the Parsees, 1752
  2. A history of Zoroastrians of Kerman: Tarikh e Zartoshtian e Kerman
  3. A Traveler's Observation of Parsee community in 1831
  4. A Visual Pilgrimage to Pir e Sabz, near Yazd, Iran
  5. Achaemenian Jewel Art Slideshow
  6. Bharot Caves- A case for preserving historical sites
  7. Fire Temple at ancient city of "Ragha" Ray, near Tehran
  8. Firuzabad -- A Sassanian Palace or Fire Temple?
  9. Novruz in Persepolis
  10. Palace of Darius in Biblical city of Susa, Iran
  11. Passargadae, the birthplace of Persian Empire
  12. Restoration Firoze Bahram High School
  13. Sassanian Plaster Art
  14. Taq-e Bustan -- A magnificent Sassanian site in north western Iran
  15. Temple of Anahita at Kangavar
  16. Temple of Anahita in Bishapur -- Where do I find the Fire Altar of this temple?
  17. Tribute bearers of Persepolis
  18. Words of Darius in Behistun and Mehregan Festival