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Cultural Events and Festivals

  1. A Time for Natak – History of the Parsi Theatre
    Rustomji, Aban
    Parsis are renowned for their own brand of humor and nothing illustrates Parsi humor like natak plays. But the contribution of Parsis to the realm of theatre in the Indian sub-continent is no laughing matter.
    Scholars attribute the start of the theatre in the Indian subcontinent was by Parsis. Parsi theatre, while based on a British model, became an institution where educated people began to develop autonomy in their city and lives. A review of the evolution of the Parsi Theatre is given in this article.

  2. Birthday of Asho Zarathushtra
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    The birthday of prophet Zarathushtra is on Khordad-ruz and Farvardin-mah, March 26th. This article is a brief on history of birthday of prophet Zarathushtra's  based on Zarathushtrian religious scriptures.
  3. Celebration of Life -- Novruz
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    In this article Jafarey gives account of celebration of New Year “Novruz” by people of Iranian and Zarathushti origin. This celebration of life on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is of immense historical significance.
  4. Discovery of Fire and Jashn-e Sadeh
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar

    The catapulted event that the discovery of fire was in the evolution of human civilization, and the significance of fire symbolism from a Zarathushtrian cultural and theological perspective is discussed in this paper.
  5. Heritage of Humanity
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin

    Some of the great contributions of Zarathushtra to development of human thought and human civilization are outlined in this article written in connection with the UNESCO declared 3000 anniversary of Zoroastrianism.
  6. Initiation into the Good Religion (Sadreh-pûshi -- Navjote)
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Sadreh-Pushi (Navjote) is the initiation ceremony into the Good Religion that has evolved over time. This article gives a brief review of the ceremony and the prayers recited.
  7. Mehrgan
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    The author discusses the origins of Mehrgan and the meanings behind the symbols, and makes suggestions as to how this festival can be celebrated in our communities in the 21st century and beyond.
  8. Novruz and New Year Benediction
    Homji, Dasturji Nowrooz D. Minocher
    Novruz and New Year wishes drawing from the life affirming essence of the Zarathushtrian thought as formulated by one of the celebrated Zarathushtrian priests of the 20th century from Bombay.
  9. Novruz In Iran - A Personal Reflection
    A vivid description of the spirit of celebration of one of the oldest  New Year events with strong Zartoshty underpinning in its land of birth is given in this article.
  10. Novruz, The Fire of Spring
    Shapero, Hannah M.G.

    This article introduces the reader to the great Iranian new year festival of "Novruz." Ms. Shapero using her elegant writing style tells you how to set your Novruz table -- Haft Seen.
  11. Novruz, The Zarathushtrian New Year
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    A comprehensive review of Novruz, the Zarathuhtrian New Year is given from historical and religious perspective.  The significance of the Novruz table as the center piece of its celebration is also described.
  12. Nurturing Mother Earth – A Zoroastrian Preoccupation
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin

    Caring for earth's ecology and putting land to agricultural use has been an outstanding feature of the Zarathushti religion, the level of commitment which is not seen in any other religious tradition. This article is a brief history of Zarathushtis work in this field covering from ancient times to mid twentieth century in Iran.

  13. The Dawn of a New Year
    Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro E.

    Novruz, the Iranian new year festival goes well beyond time, space and cultural boundaries. This article walks.

  14. The Fire Festival
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Sadeh the observation of the discovery of Fire has been celebrated by Zarathushtrians for thousands of year. The significance of Fire and this celebration is discussed in this educational article.

  15. The Pagan Heritage of Humanity
    Nelson, Robert Scott
    The religions of Ancient Man, his veneration of the Earth, Moon and Sun as God forms, has had a direct influence on the Symbols and Holy Days of Monotheism. This article discusses the influence of some of the pre-monotheistic beliefs on the evolution of subsequent monotheistic religious thoughts, and their communalities that have come about. The paper touches upon cycles of nature and seasonal celebrations such as Novruz, Christmas, and Easter.

  16. Zarathushtra
    Insler, Emeritus Professor Dr. Stanley

    This insightful article draws parallels between the moral challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century and those faced by Zarathushtra, and how he went about addressing them. This discussion provides great insight into the teachings of Zarathushtra.

  17. Zoroastrianism, Tajiks, and UNESCO
    Mehr, Emeritus Professor Dr. Farhang

    An insightful and brief description of the unique and distinguishing features of Zarathushtra's thought are presented in this article.