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Historical Figures

  1. Beyond Compare -- Parsi Pioneers of Karachi
    Dinshaw, Farishta Murzban
    Despite their small numbers in the context of the newly formed nation of Pakistan (1950s vintage), the Parsi (Zoroastrian) citizens of that new nation played a great role in the building of that nation, far out of portion to their small numbers.  This short article gives brief highlights of some of the contributions of the descendents of ancient Iranian as 20th century nation builders.

  2. Birth of Zarathushtra
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Zarathushtra's birth was a monumental event in man's history. His thoughts became the foundation on which humanity based much of its civility and ethical inter working.  His contributions to humanity are much to be celebrated.

  3. Birthday of Asho Zarathushtra
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    The birthday of prophet Zarathushtra is on Khordad-ruz and Farvardin-mah, March 26th. This article is a brief on history of birthday of prophet Zarathushtra's  based on Zarathushtrian religious scriptures.

  4. Bhicaji Balsara, First Zarathushti US Citizen
    Shroff, Kersi B.
    This Zarathushti from India arriving in New York in November of 1900 challenged the legality of immigration law -- US citizenship was limited to individuals of European descent. He became the first person of non-European origin to be naturalized in 1909.

  5. But for them, Zoroastrianism would have been extinct in Iran
    Sethna, Shahnaz

    This article portrays a review of events and contributions made by number of Zarathushtis of Iran and India that saved the Zarathushti community from extinction in its land of origin against incredible odds.

  6. Charles Debrille Poston – The Fire Worshipper (1852-1902)
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    A significant historical figure of 19th century USA, Charles D. Poston, nicknamed the father of Arizona, inspires to construct the first Zoroastrian fire temple of the new world. Lacking resources he settles for an Apache structure resembling ancient Egyptian pyramids more than a Zoroastrian temple. A brief account of his life is given in this article.

  7. Dinshaw Ghadiali -- Genius of Malaga
    Shroff, Kersi B.

    Arriving in the US in 1911, this distinguished Zarathushti from India, did pioneering work in the design of an Engine Fault-Finder, which he subsequently donated to the US government for use on aircraft engine. His contributions were many. A street in Southern New Jersey named after him bears testimony to his accomplishments.

  8. Ferdowsi, A Critical Biography
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    A great  nationalist and renown poet, the life story of this man of courage who did much to preserve and restore the national pride in Ancient Iran is covered in this well written book.

  9. Ganj Ali Khan
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    The book written by Bastani Parizi refers to an episode that many Kermani Zarathushtis have been told by their parents. The episode if had gone unchecked would have resulted in the massacre of all the Zarathushtis of Kerman at that time.

  10. In Memorial of Mehdi Akhavan Saless (Salas) 1929 - 1991
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    As a popular poet of 20th century Iran, Mehdi Akhavan Saless is remembered for his contribution to reintroducing Iranian intellectuals of his generation with the glories of their ancient land and its contributions to humanity. This article offers a brief account of poet's life and accomplishments.

  11. Jamshid Bahman Jamshidian
    Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro E.
    Originally hailed from Yazd this industrious businessman rose to the national spot line and championed the constitutional reforms of his nation. He managed to redress a wrong that had been perpetuated against the minorities of his nation for over a millennium, and challenged the colonial powers of the time who had extracted monopolistic control of the banking system of his nation from the weak and corrupt central government. Arbab Jamshid Jamshidian's rise to prominence and his undoing through  a well orchestrated plan of the colonial powers of the time was very much tied to the fate of his nation and community. 

  12. Manekji Limji Hateria
    Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
    Reversing the downfall slide of Zarathushtrianism in its birth land, with all forces bent on its destruction was a monumental task to be undertaken by this man of courage and dedication. His life of giving helped resurrect a community that could have otherwise been lost.

  13. Maneckji Limji Hatari in Iran
    Boyce, Mary
    This article provides a historical narrative on the course of events that lead to the arrival of Maneckji Hataria in Iran in mid 19th century, and the impact of his tireless efforts to ameliorate the conditions  of Zarathushtrians of Iran. 

  14. Mrs. Bhikaiji Rustom Cama
    A young dynamic Zarathushti lady defies the colonial rule imposed on her country of birth at great personal risk, and sets the stage for the eventual independence of India half a century later. The set of circumstance that shaped such a remarkable individual is covered in this article.

  15. Nietzsche’s Understanding of Zarathushtra’s Philosophy

    Analysis of Nietzsche's understanding of Zarathushtra's thought that provides valuable insight into the  philosophical basis of Zarathushtra's message is given in this article

  16. Seth Maneckji Limji Hataria
    Deboo, Malcolm Minoo
    The events leading to  Zoroastrians of Iran being given some degree of civil rights during the Qajar period of late 19th century to 20th century when no such rights had existed for that minority group in an Islamic State are outlined in this paper. The contributions of Zoroastrians in Iran and outside Iran leading to the uplift of this community and their ancestral land is also alluded to in this article.

  17. Temptation of Zarathushtra
    Dhalla, Dastur Dr. Maneckji N.
    Zarathushtra in his mission to guide humanity towards enlightenment was first tempted with martial riches. In staying his course he resorted to righteousness as his weapon of choice.

  18. The First Declaration of Human Rights
    Jahanian, Dr. Daryoush

    This essay is reproduced from Darius Jahanian's book "Zoroastrianism and Biblical Connections." Based on Old Testament, several ancient Babylonian and Persian inscriptions as well as Greek sources, Jahanian presents a picture of the personalities of the two great Achaemenian emperors, founder Cyrus the Great and Darius. The tolerance and kindness of Cyrus toward the people of the kingdoms, their deities and religious practices is the basis for the first declaration of human rights in the vast Achaemenian empire.

  19. The Place of Zarathushtra among the Prophets
    Bode, Framroze

    A short and insightful article giving Zarathushtra's contributions in the context of the religion founders of all times.

  20. With Dinshah Irani in New Iran
    Masani, Sir Rustom
    After the passage of over one thousand years since a group of Zarathushtis fled to India from Iran to escape forced conversion and religion persecution at the hands of the invading Arabs, Reza Shah Pahlavi, the founder of Modern Iran distinguished himself by being the first king of post-Islamic Iran to encourage the descendents of those Zartoshty refugees to return to Iran and help in its development.  A delegation of Parsis headed by the legendary Dinshah Irani traveled to Iran as a direct result of the invitation from Reza Shah.  This informative article reflects on observations from that trip.

  21. Worshipers of the Mind
    Pearlstein, Arthur

    This article discusses unique ideas introduced by Zarathushtra influencing other schools of thoughts. It discusses the concepts such as the idea of worship from a Zarathushtrian perspective.

  22. Zarathushtra and the horse
    Frye, Professor Richard Nelson

    In this article the time and place of Zarathushtra, the ancient prophet, is investigated. With the original message of Zarathushtra expressed in the Gathas proving to be timeless, the investigation is based on other available historical evidences that provides valuable insight into Zarathushtra's origin.

  23. Zarathushtra Venerating God and the Creation
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Venerating God and Venerating two concepts very much aligned according to Zarathushtra's world-view is elaborated in this brief paper.

  24. Zarathushtra’s Seminal Contribution to Mankind Beyond Theology
    Bhote, Keki R.
    The author provides an insightful analysis of Zarathushtra's profound contributions to humanity, and the uniqueness of his message.